Federal Government - GSA Contract

by HOLYFUCKISTHISREAL. Posted on Sep 11, 2020    2    4

Has anyone used a service to join the Federal government's GSA Marketplace (https://www.gsa.gov).

I would love to hear if you paid someone to help get you into the marketplace or if you have done it yourself. We are trying to find different streams of revenue to make up what we have lost this year, and I wasn't sure if the GSA is worth our time/money to go after.


VandyMarine 2

Do it yourself. It’s not difficult and there’s pretty much a checklist on how to do it when you apply.


Will probably go that route. Thanks for replying

w0cyru01 2

I wouldn’t bother. They call us all the time and you just get put on a list. In the end whoever needs whatever just calls the same people that are on the list that they are used to dealing with.

Larger items over a certain dollar amount are bid out anyway.