Filing GA DOL-1 form

by hassanzadeh. Posted on Sep 10, 2020    0

Hey Guys,

I have filed an s-corp recently, with only me and my wife being the owners. But I'm the only person being paid through the payroll (I assume that is not an issue).

GA DOL have sent me a letter asking me to fill out the form DOL-1, and I have hard time understanding this a few parts, I appreciate it if you can help,

  1. What is the "date first began employing workers in GA" would be? Is it going to be the first month that I set up a payroll account? because before that I was not paying myself, even though there was some revenue in the business bank account.
  2. What would the "date of first GA payroll" be? Is it the date of my first paycheck? Or the beginning of that month or what?
  3. "Are you liable for federal unemployment?" : what does it mean?
  4. "Have you formed a corporation or partnership?" What does it mean? of course s-corp is a corporation. Is it asking about a new corp?
  5. How is "private business employment" different from "domestic employment"? Which one applies to me?