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by SavanV. Posted on Sep 16, 2020    1

Welcome to Startup Router! Are you an entrepreneur figuring out the way but feeling lost or distant in finding your way to the top. At startup Router we help you become an insider by creating and sharing simple clear actionable paths for entrepreneurs no holds barred!

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We will share real life experiences, numbers and detailed paths based on stage of your business on where to get your audience, required resources, tools to use, revenue generation tactics, monthly costs, pair you up with someone in similar stage as yours for accountability, find a mentor and much much more. This is day zero, I plan to start all this from a weekly newsletter and build it lean startup based on feedback right from the users.

So whether you are aspiring to be youtuber, influencer, blogger, e-commerce or SaaS business, consultancy, online course, live training services we will share simple clear actionable path of progression for you. So please Join me and subscribe to become part of this journey and find your way to build you dream startup!

Why am I doing this?

I have personally experimented and failed many many times in the past for various reasons from not being accessible to the right crowd or location, not having right skills, knowledge or tricks to finding right kind of mentor guiding me through it. The Startup Router is built based on solving this problem. We will share knowledge from experts in the field and provide a simple three stage path to help you scale your idea to the next level and build a community of passionate, energetic and open collaborators who can help mentor and be accountable to each other for growth!

What you will get weekly, if you subscribe to newsletter?

I will be sharing this on weekly basis if you subscribe.

  • Top 5 technology stack on a given category for a startup
  • One weekly stepwise simple clear plan to develop startups such as youtuber, influencer, blogger, consultancy, online course, e-commerce or SaaS business.
  • Automation recipe of the week to increase productivity personally and in your startup
  • Possibly freebie of the week (ranging from digital planners to products)
  • Book recommendation of the week
  • 3 top trending blogs or articles of the week
  • Trending Product or deal of the week
  • 3 New Product idea to start your own business
  • Personal Project Update
    I am starting a youtube channel and product business based on lean principles, so join me, share your support by subscribing to newsletter.

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