Finding Sales Help

by adunndevster. Posted on Sep 10, 2020    2    6

I want to find some good sales help to grow my software consulting business, and want to know tips for finding it.

  • What incentivizes a sales person?
  • How do you find one with connections to companies needing engineering work?
  • I prefer working on greenfield development, how do I find start ups?

I am an accomplished and experienced engineer myself. I’m doing a good job at Microsoft. What makes me unique is that I have a large dev team that I have partnered with for about a decade, outside of my day jobs. We have done dozens of projects together over the years. So I know I can throw some gas on this fire, because I know I can deliver solid work, in higher volumes. This team can really scale up if needed.

This is my plan…

The salesperson makes an introduction to a potential gig, and helps me close the deal, with a rate between $60-150 / hr depending on the situation. Thereafter, I handle project management, and development. I would likely outsource to my team, and assure that quality remains high.

The salesperson would get a percentage of the hourly rate. I’m thinking 15-20% off the top of my head.


We get a job with Happy Co for a rate of $100/hr. Salesperson gets $20/hr from the project thereafter, as me and my team develop. I use the remaining $80/hr for my team expenses and personal labor.

Over the course of 6 months, this could add up to 960 hours, and amount to $19,200 for the sales person, really for helping with the relationship, and finding the work.

This could be multiplied across multiple projects, and the higher the rate the salesperson helps to secure, the better the payoff.

So what do you think, could this work? I’m secure in knowing I can deliver quality work.


Fleon007us 1

100% commission is tough to swallow.


How do you plan to generate leads? A salesperson needs opportunities. Cold calling is dead.


If you want a viable solution that gets you in front of opportunities each day, research PPC and SEO.


I manage the marketing strategy at my firm and we are on track to meet with 400 CEOs in 2020. All because of PPC and SEO.


If you do not know a PPC expert, DM me. I know a couple. Some are very expensive, but I found one that does great work.

mpierce38120 1

I've worked with consultants in a sales capacity before and you are on track. The sales person typically gets 15-20% of the sale for the life of the project. Depending on the sales process, you may be looking for someone who can add you to their already existing business of consultants that they sell for. PM me if you have any questions.

AlsidoRa 1

What exactly you tring to sell?

  adunndevster 1

Custom software development, across pretty much any tech stack.

AlsidoRa 1

Well $20k in six month bit too low for good sales person. Im from UK. And here good ones start from £50k a year and up. So I assume usa will be 60 or 70 a year for top lvl sales person with contacts etc...

  adunndevster 1

Ah, but this is just for one deal. Make just 3 deals and that's $120k per year.