first time ordering from alibaba... would need some help from someone who ordered before.

by blueracecar666. Posted on Sep 10, 2020    0

so i want to order something from alibaba for the first time. the order cost together is around 300 EUR

140 for the product and 150 for shipping (packet will be around 15 kg heavy).

-how does trade assurance work? is it safe? or should i pay with paypal?

-how exatcly do i pay (paypal or mastercard), what is exatct order and paypment process?

-i heard something about paying 30% first and then 70% after the product is done and ready to ship

-how do i avoid being scammed?

i would really apriciate how full order and payment process goes with paypal or trade insurance.

thanks for your time.


edit: seller doesnt accept paypal, still need explanation of how to pay with trade insurance and how exatcly does it work