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by AnyHoneydew4. Posted on Sep 09, 2020    0    9

Hi everyone!

I recently started a new business idea that is kind of different than most. I started a newsletter, you can find it here: The newsletter is a weekly newsletter that I will send out documenting everything I did that week.

Why would you care what I did over the week? Because I am going to start up online businesses that will sustain $250k/year within the next 3 years (or at least that’s the goal).

I will show you everything I do, the tools I use and everything else in-between, I won’t be holding anything back. I’ve seen a couple of rich entrepreneurs do this before but I will start only with 1k used for marketing and ads, if I use more it will be purely from the money I make with my businesses. I am using 1k to start because I feel it’s a realistic number most people could use if they grinded and stuck with something over the years.

This may not happen, but I’m motivated to make it work and if you are interested in joining the group make sure you subscribe to my newsletter for the weekly updates. This is the first week so you haven’t missed much yet. But in the newsletter I detail what businesses I plan to start and how. Check it out link below and hope to see you there!


Scotty11p 1

You are a developer and entrepreneur. I'll tell you what I want, as a possible consumer, that I cannot find. A developer course (I read that you created one already) based on a project. This is no biggie. However, there are two things I cannot find in this category.

  1. Easy as fkk to use. No more than 2 clicks before the program begins. No registration crap.
  2. Give half the course away for free. Let me invest my time in the project before you begin to charge me.
hkharva 1

Interesting will definitely subscribe! Do you have any past experience with this?

thanggoratatata 1

I love it! If you know anything about programming maps I'd love to throw a concept your way to look at

xAvi_r 2

How do you know you will sustain 250k/y in 3yrs?

  AnyHoneydew4 1

No way of knowing! Just my goal that I am pursuing. I chose 3 years BC in 3 years I’ll be 30 and chose 250k because it was a realistic number but definitely a challenge.

xAvi_r 2

Aahaha, you should subscribe to mine then. I'll do 500k in 2 years :)

  AnyHoneydew4 1

No one is stopping you! Do it!

xAvi_r 1

No hard feelings here. I wish you the best man.
Hope you can achieve that goal

  AnyHoneydew4 1

Same here man, I appreciate it!!