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by jbhkid1. Posted on Sep 11, 2020    1    3

Dear people of Reddit,

We all have the problem of our parcels being left at our front door to be stolen, or have delivery drivers knock and then instantly leave.

The idea that I have is a “lockable post box”. It could fit food deliveries and other packages in a secure place on your property until you can come home and collect it.

If this was available, would you be interested in purchasing this?


Celq124 1

Pretty sure people already tried to build this, mostly in the States.

But I remembered it didn't work because people can still figure out (digital) locks and steal the deliveries...Or if you mean a wooden bigger post box placed just outside of your front door like the Yale smart delivery box, people just take the entire box before you notice it and run off.

But I wonder - what about a solution which you can install an underground storage box (disguise as patch of grass) that allows one way delivery into the box, therefore:

a) hiding from sight. Even if people know there's a "storage box" on a patch of grass, they can't tell whether they'll actually be a delivery item in the storage box or not. It's like breaking into someone's house without knowing whether there's any cash or important items to steal inside.

b) it's one way system to enter the storage so strangers have no way to take items out. Maybe via a lift system to take parcels from the delivery man and deposit the item into the storage box. The owner then either have to activate an electric switch in their house to raise the storage box up to retrieve deliveries, or if you're in the state, can only access the storage box via the basement. (So the storage box is connected to your basement. This also means the storage box can draw electricity from your basement instead.) This solution means it can't be big enough to fit a person in so they can sneak into the storage box via the lift system.

The alternative option instead of a lift system is a vent-like tube system that slides small parcels into the basement. Either delivery person have to have a code to access the vent, or it's hidden from plain sight via plants/disguise and you have to give delivery direction for the person to find the vent and slide the small parcels into the storage box.

The solution has to be cheap enough for people to install and justify the cost to protect deliveries. maybe upto $500-1000 USD.

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Sorry I didn’t answer your question. No, unless it has the above specs.

onedough 1

I would add some sort of digital lock sensor so that the box can open itself when the delivery person scans it. The sensor can be rfid, 2d-3D codes, etc but it can only be opened by the package itself or you with your phone.

Have a cam attached for recording and have an alarm if tampered with.

Otherwise your idea is just another mail box.