For those of you who have started a run your own business and then re entered the workforce, what was the hardest thing to get a just a to after running your own business for awhile?

by mynameisreeves. Posted on Sep 16, 2020    24    17

I had this mindset where there was nothing in a work environment that was that crucial. When I was running my own business I dealt with crisis on a regular basis so there was nothing that in an employment arrangement that was that particularly life threatening as far as I was concerned


MaxPast 1

I avoided this scenario for myself so far but my biggest fear is to get a 20-year-old manager in my 41 :)

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Tbh they will probably be much more open-minded and mission-focused than jaded managers

MaxPast 1

Maybe, but all my friends of the same age don't like their positions when it comes to younger management. There is a number of topics at Quora regarding problems of being a software developer in 45-70.

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I'd say dealing with co-workers that don't pull their weight. Picking up slack that generally gets unnoticed.


Sry, I can't help but ask...did you mean "adjusted to" instead of "a just a to"? Never seen that one beef or

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Adjusted to

blue_sparrow_zero 1

The humbling experience of no longer being able to make decisions

Boroughbabeshop 1

The schedule and having to communicate things I wouldn’t normally have to when working for myself

goss_bractor 1

My biggest issue was not doing things that were other peoples jobs.

When you work for yourself for so long, you learn to just do everything as required. When you work for someone else you have a "job" and have to stick with it or you start stepping on toes REALLY FAST.

sachingkk 1

Hasn't happened to me yet. But has a fear If I go back to job then I again be doing some meaning less task because some thought that that's the ultimate solution to the problem.

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Hasn't happened to me yet, but I'd imagine that staying within the confines of my job description would be pretty tough.

AlwaysOptimism 2

It was awful. I hated the job. I felt powerless to do stuff under bureaucracy. There was so much wasted time and nonsense. I lasted less than a year before I was back in my own

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I can only make it about 2 years as an employed worker before I start to hate life and everything.

kelmemo 3

Why not think it more positively? Free from horrendous cash flow issues, not paying people, I’m in business but a guy who sold his business (not a huge acquisition but just a few hundred thousand dollars) re entered the workforce when he was 52 and he couldn’t be happier for the change of environment.

He ran a small business of 8, but when he finally entered the workforce he told me how happy he was with a large group of people and having socializing events. He would re enter business in a heartbeat but meanwhile he isn’t thinking about the ‘grass is greener on the other side’ type of mindset

SenorTeddy 12

Applying for jobs. The interviewing process is less about how good you are at the job and more about how good you are at the interview.

Miltus 27

1 - Dealing with “managers” that have no idea how to solve the issue. They believe they know more since they have been with the company for years doing the same thing. Yet they have no clue how the company makes money.

2 - Work place gossip. If someone doesn’t like you. It’s simple you don’t know what you are doing regardless of your experience.

3 - The complete utter chaos of people trying to get things done without. S.O.P.s In place.

4 - Be ready to see worker mindsets. Be ready to put up with unnecessary meetings that have no real value to you.

5 - Be ready to be put to work like the rest.

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I wish I could show this to my cofounders but they would get offended.