Free Tool to Build a Fundraising Profile & Invite Investors from a Database of 20,000+

by lucky_se7ens. Posted on Sep 13, 2020    2    3

A small team of friends and I have spent the last six months building out a tool from scratch with a singular mission: make fundraising more efficient and effective for founders.

Here’s a little more info on WHY we built WHAT we built:

WHY WE’RE DOING THIS: It seems crazy to us that the high-tech world of startups and VCs never graduated from attaching a PDF pitch deck to an email so we set out to build something better. OnePager is specifically built for founders. It’s easy to share across Twitter, LinkedIn, email, or text. It has enough security to control who sees your private information. Most importantly, it gives founders actionable data to track how their current fundraising efforts are going by detailing click-by-click sessions.

WHAT IT DOES: OnePager makes fundraising more efficient and effective by allowing founders to share all of the information relevant to their fundraising efforts through a branded URL (think your LinkedIn link), with privacy settings (think Google Doc share features), and a click-by-click analytics dashboard (think DocSend engagement tracking if it was built specifically for a fundraising founder).

We were originally planning to do a big launch on here, Product Hunt, Beta List, etc. a few weeks ago, but OnePager was still not addressing a major issue: finding who to share your OnePager with. So, we decided to delay our launch, scrape the internet and add an investor directory 20,000+ strong so that founders can invite people directly to their OnePager.

Today is our first day pushing it out to the public so thought you all would be interested! Would absolutely love any feedback on our Product Hunt page .


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‘The brief’ does this.

  lucky_se7ens 1

Yup for sure but from our own experiences, the brief was built as a sourcing tool for nfx and other large investors.

Although we built the tool to be size agnostic, a lot of people using it are looking for first or second money in, as well as smaller angels/startups that don't have the capacity to source deals outside their smaller network

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As a feature, we used brief link to the angels in our process. Due to the inherent trust it has, it worked.