Getting clients for a new startup

by balt1794. Posted on Sep 10, 2020    1    9

I have created a startup related to 3D printing. Does anyone have experience getting customers to sign up to the service/website?


Promoterdave 1

There are two ways to get customers to sign up for your service or website. Either 1) Paid advertising to get inbound leads 2) Manual Lead Generation by emailing, cold calling, and Linkedin. Hope that helps

  balt1794 1

Thanks I'll take that into consideration. I've been trying to spread the word but I guess paid advertising is the way to go

Promoterdave 1

Good look with that! I hope it goes well :) Yeah word of mouth doesn't really work now a days. I know a lot of business owners that rely strictly through word of mouth for their business, but they are super broke.

Ecossentials 1

Is this a startup or a service?

  balt1794 1

It's a service at the moment I'd say. Website that allows people to sell 3D printers or anything related to 3D printing really.

boycottSummer 1

Nice. Have you built any sort of network or have a solid plan for funding the jobs on your careers page? I’d recommend building out your brand and creating some content (blog with industry insight, reviews, etc) that shows your areas of expertise. That way you can have a solid way to target places that would pay to list with you etc.

  balt1794 1

I'm developing a plan as we speak but I don't have much yet. I just wanted to get the MVP out and then work on the rest. That's a really good idea. Thanks for the suggestion!

kibben01 1

Does the product/service solve a particular challenge which customers are willing to pay for? if not you need to go back to the drawing board , because nobody is going to pay for something they don't need. Doing proper market research and selling the product to the target potential market will guarantee sign ups.

  balt1794 1

In short, I created a website that allows people to find anything related to 3D printing ideally used 3D printers. At this point, users don't have to pay for anything. You can check it out, I have the website up and running if you want to check it out.