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by villotzi. Posted on Sep 10, 2020    0    6

Hey y’all! I have a question for you . I created an account on Instagram awhile ago and amassed about 8k followers. My page has always just been a place where I post pictures of other people catching fish. I tried to build a brand around it but unfortunately it failed. I was wondering what else I might be able to do to monetize my page, maybe sponsored posts for smaller fishing companies. Just not sure how to go about getting companies interested in paying me for ads. Any insight from y’all is much appreciated my Instagram page is @triple_tail if you guys feel inclined to check it out. Thanks in advance!


Trackzyapp 1

Go check out influencer platforms that work as go betweens for companies.

You can sign your self up as a nano/micro influencer. This way brands can find you if they want and will pay you for posts etc.

Your biggest thing right now is to focus on user growth. If you want that social profile to be a business you will have to treat it as such. Work on growing and engaging with your users as much as possible. It can be a long slow grind to get from 10k-100k users. It may not happen but if you want to make some money it's what you'll have to do.

Good luck!

browndod 2

Try Facebook, you can have ads on your videos on Facebook.
In 2021 instagram will probably allow ads on the videos on IGTV.

jyjdlns 1

Wow really ? So does it work like with youtube where you might make 1$/1000 views or so?

browndod 1

Yes. But its also different easier to get views. Its really simple just make engaging content, once you got a decent following you can also live stream and make an income.

Facebook is directly competing with YouTube.

jyjdlns 1

I grow instagram accs to millions of reach/week, so if you could monetize insta soon I would already make a deposit for my lamborghini next year

Where did you hear about this ?

To be honest, I couldn't imagine instagram to do this 🤔

browndod 1

They've already released it for certain partners and are testing it. Now I can't be 100% sure of the release but there is a high chance. Organic reach will probably plummet once it does happen.