Good Sales Emails from leading B2B SaaS Companies (100+ great examples)

by r_pg101. Posted on Sep 13, 2020    14    6

Hey everyone, as entrepreneurs we are always looking for inspiration on how to write good sales campaigns. We created so anyone can find sales email campaigns by leading B2B SaaS companies like Gusto, Rippling or Gong (100+ great examples).

It's free and openly available to anyone. We add 3 new campaigns every month. Let me know if you found this helpful, all comments, likes, etc about the platform are much appreciated. Thank you! 🙂

Link to site ->>


jasoncalacanis 1

this is awesome! thanks for it

  r_pg101 1

Thanks! Let me know if you have any feedback :)

thetechcopywriter 1

Thanks for sharing. I personally ignore emails like these though. They're so obviously automated. I wonder if others have felt the same.

  r_pg101 2

Thanks for the feedback. Personalization is indeed a critical point that sales reps struggle with, but I've seen a couple of great examples out there that you won't even understand that's an automated email ;)

Just in the other day I saw this post:

rkrules 3

To add and

  r_pg101 1

Thanks for sharing it u/rkrules! It's good to see that we are not the only ones trying to help people writing better emails :) Let me know if you have any feedback about