google reviews not showing up

by JoynerLucas1977. Posted on Sep 09, 2020    3    3

I have 29 google review for my business but only 21 are shown as the total. If you count each individual review it has all 29 but the total on the main page of my review shows 21. Whats going on here?


keyserholiday 1

Google reviews have been having technical issues ever since they were turned back on. Most reviews will show up with a few days. Google is also aware of another “technical issue” preventing certain reviews and replies from showing up too.

personaldistance 1

Same thing is happening to me. What I've seen is that it typically takes a couple weeks for it to catch up. Annoying though, I know.

saurav0899 2

You need to wait for the next 7 days and it will get updated automatically