Google/Facebook ads terminology/guidelines mind map + Landing page CRO checklists & LP wireframes, copywriting formulas & teardowns, + advanced Facebook ads targeting checklist

by Salaciousavocados. Posted on Sep 10, 2020    47    9

Spent all day taking everything in my head and putting it onto a mind map. It usually helps me find weaknesses in my understanding/skillset, improves memory recall, cements understanding, etc... so I try to do this at least once per business quarter.

Mind map

The mind map breaks everything into digestible chunks of 2 - 4 items per category/subcategory. It's pretty massive (around 6mb in size). The customer journey section is a bit messy, so I apologize in advance for that.

Topics covered:

  • Landing Page CRO - Some standard frameworks & best practices
  • Neuromarketing - Basic psychology of learning modalities, limbic system functionalities, nonconscious motivators, etc...
  • Facebook/Google ads - targeting, content, ad types, etc.. all based on the buyer journey phase.


*Best experienced on desktop

A few tools (Google drive docs)

Have fun!


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The goal is to put in enough structure & guidelines to get a good consistent and high standard? I guess I should pour over everything with a mind map to plot all the main things out, put in the little details, then put in frameworks as well.

As a random note I think if it's possible to color code I would color code each thing by heading, and subheading. THe more organized the easier it is for the brain to comprehend. Only a machine can comprehend it fully without any visual aid.

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Looking at it won't do very much for you.

This is a practice called chunking. The goal is to unite bits of information together through meaning. Learning information without being able to connect it to a wider context prevents you from obtaining a deeper understanding of the subject. Chunking allows your brain to create a stronger synapse, with thicker grey matter insulation, and places the information into your long term memory storage.

It's the act that helps--not so much the result.

I also used a dark theme to prevent overstimulating myself since I was doing this for hours on end.

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Is the purpose to use this as an org chart or like a map so to speak? it's just a brief overview. Then you add in guidelines/frameworks for each of the dot jots in the mindmap?

Or is it an exercise?

In my thinking, of how it would work for me is I'd have my strategy for marketing, and I'd use that to plot out the seo,ppc,content marketing. Adding in the guideline/works for each dot jot in the mind map. Then I'd use an actual marketing strategy, and standard marketing frameworks, management frameworks. That way I'd have it all contained and managed.

Any advice as to how to make something like this for the entire business. The strategic system, the management system, the operational system. I am looking to be able to have the objectives, kpi, strategy to be done through out the business. Should I just buy a bunch of project management apps, crm apps, and so on until I have a good stack, and then fill in the rest?

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I was just sharing the result of a mental exercise. I'm a high level PPC/CRO consultant, so I'm always striving to learn and sharpen my skill set.

Why would you need this for your marketing? Your agency/agencies should be overseeing their own micro KPIs, objectives, and frameworks.

If you're trying to do all of the marketing on your own, then you have a much bigger problem on your hands.

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>Why would you need this for your marketing? Your agency/agencies should be overseeing their own micro KPIs, objectives, and frameworks.

A framework for everything. The marketing strategy, strategic process, product strategy. Do you advise it's always best to outsource this to firms, and get back a report for strategy? How much do you suppose a person should do themselves and how much should they outsource?

>If you're trying to do all of the marketing on your own, then you have a much bigger problem on your hands.

ok, you advise on a firm over a freelancer everytime?

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Generally speaking—very generally—you hire agencies until you’re paying $50k in management fees every month.

After that, you hire an in house strategist that outsources to freelancers.

The reason for this is agencies will be able to help you with your overall strategies and creative.

With a freelancer, you’re going to spend time finding other freelancers for various reasons.

No one can or should be “full service” that’s just another way of saying “I barely know what I’m doing”.

Hiring an SEO is a bit tough. It’s very easy to scam business owners since results take months, guarantees are impossible to make, and excuses are plenty.

It might actually be more efficient to hire a freelancer to complete all of your technical, ask them which pages need links, then hire an outreach specialist to build your backlinks.

PPC is easy. You look for portfolios where a sustained improvement is made over time. Sometimes they’ll try and hook you with a huge improvement, but that’s usually from fixing basic mistakes.

For overall marketing, think Pareto. 80% of your results are going to come from one off projects that put their hands into every aspect of your marketing channels.

If you get a social media manager before a brand strategist, then your social media strategy will look tacky and inconsistent.

If you hire a brand strategist before a social media manager, then you will have social media templates that cut down on SMM creative fees.

Brand strategy also takes care of positioning. Strong positioning will improve SEO, PPC, and sales closing rates.

But hiring a brand strategist can also be very expensive. Make sure you have enough revenue coming in to cover the costs and still have enough to continue marketing.

Branding is not something I would skimp on either. Especially if you want higher profit margins.

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option A. marketing firms and specialist freelancers

option B. inhouse strategist and specialist freelancers/firms

these are the options. Ideally I'd focus on direct promotion before content marketing. And also Brand strategy before content marketing?

Is there a such thing as a freelance strategist that does strategy every week/month? Freelancers do the leg work. strategist freelancer does the strategy every week. I am thinking how I can put together a small team that I can hire more freelancers. I imagine option B is this case, but can I use one from the start?

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Amazing content. Thanks for sharing!

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