Got a Chargeback but believe the buyer is scamming me, unsure what to do?

by jubileo5. Posted on Sep 13, 2020    6    8

Hey all,

I'm recently opened up a camera shop on Shopify a few months ago and 2 days ago I got a notification about that someone has opened up a chargeback (reason was fraud) against an order from early July.

I was obviously disheartened as it was a $500 order + $25 chargeback fee. I did some research on the case and have come to an interesting discovery.

I realised the card name didn't match the buyer's name. Although they have the same last name, the first name was different. After sleuthing on Facebook & Instagram, I've discovered that the cardholder is in fact the father of the buyer. The buyer is around mid-20s I'd say.

Secondly, the camera I sold is being used by the buyer (again assumption based on his Instagram posts).

I reached out to the buyer and emailed him asking about the reason behind the Chargeback which he has not replied to.

What should I do? I've never had something like this before and I'm very new to the E-Comm side of it. I have the buyer's Instagram/FB + his email + his mobile number, as well as his father's FB page.

I feel like I should reach out to see what's going on but I'm also aware it could be a tad creepy/crossing boundaries with reaching them through those means.


mcmron 1

You can consider to file a chargeback dispute based on the facts you collected.

If you are using Stripe, Braintree, Adyen, Worldpay, Paypal, 2checkout or Bluesnap as payment gateway in Shopify, you can visit the tutorial below for the steps to prepare for dispute.

cbeater 1

Contact shop since they are the credit card processer, if not find out who is and call them. They should have a charge back team you can talk with, usually they ask your side one the matter and it is up to you to provide evidence and fight it. They will and should tell you what to submit, if it's not the right evidence at least you can find it out how to cover yourself next time. Also always use chip if ur brick and mortar, else you mostly loose the charge back case. Do it quick, there is a time limit on your response.

thedecanus 1

Unfortunately this kind of thing happens all the time.

I used to do marketing for a hair extension company and the owner would get this at least once a month. Sometimes £500 order but the highest was £2500.

PayPal were good at handling it eventually but he said it took way too long. It would cause restocking orders to become delayed due to not being able to pay the suppliers.

IntoTheWildBlue 3

File a police report, if your sure the father was the purchaser and fraudulently used his sons card, the the father committed fraud.

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Hopefully you used PayPal because one phone call and they will handle it. What they did was commit credit card fraud, they probably stole the dads card, PayPal will give them a chance to remove the charge back unless the dad wants the kid to serve some time

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To be clear: stalking them will go against the credit cards terms, and you’ll definitely lose if you attempt to do what you described. It’s also likely illegal if in the US, as it’s both stalking and breaking debt collection rules in extreme ways.

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I think you're in the right here