Grad Student looking to exit online Workout & Wellness platform

by moresmarterthanyou. Posted on Sep 13, 2020    0    4

Hi all, Current MBA student that build a COVID business thats a platform for live workout and wellness platform. I have put a ton of time, effort and money into it (20k). We have had some good success - 170 active, paying, members on the platform, 960k following on instructors IG, and some partnerships in the mix. However, I am totally exhausted from the sprint and looking to exit / partner with someone on just so it doesn't close. If anyone on this forum is interested or knows of any sites that would be good to post this I would be really grateful!


Nomorebread 1

Check out Orfi active - I think they may be interested in chatting with you

Genovia_ 1

Interested , link ?

natdogglmao 1

Could you dm me a link?

espressofan007 1

I’m curious to learn more