Group buying flippa website

by sparky_H7. Posted on Sep 17, 2020    4    11

I'm looking for people to group buy a niche website on and run it together with others. E-commerce agency or blog whatever has potential for profit.


BrokenLSD 1

Add me to the group

jaggybeans 1

Iā€™m interested as well, dm me!

PrettyEquivalent 1

Iā€™m interested

zombiephish 1

I own hundreds of domains, some pretty high value.

Niches are travel & vacation, rental cars, health & nutrition, real estate, dating, cannabis, affiliate marketing, fashion and lots more.

I've been wanting to form a company around a group for a few years now. There's a few ways to structure this.

DM to chat.

johnapuna 1

Iā€™m in. Send me a message

amgrog 2

funny enough I literally JUST finished posting one of my websites for sale in Flippa before finding this post. If your interested in an SEO focused cannabis niche blog DM me.

All the tech is set up and good to go. You'd just need to continue posting content.

monkey6 10

Like a ... company - made up of people doing their parts?

  sparky_H7 1

More like interested people with different skill sets working towards same goal which increases productivity

monkey6 2

Like a small .. business?

  sparky_H7 1

I guess, you could call it partnership

help-me-grow 2