Has anyone taken Jonathan Jay's business buying course?

by bbluezy. Posted on Sep 17, 2020    4    15

I am interested to see if anyone has explored his course or if anyone has direct experience on working with him or his training.



The course is very Informative and does helps me In my sales.. It would be just be better If It will be more cheaper. But will definitely recommend!

  bbluezy 1

Did you do his business buying course or does he also sell a course on sales and marketing?


I've heard of it, it's legit and trusted. I've seen how he succeed on this and the feedback our quite good.


It seems he is a professional in selling seminars and training programs, I think I will give it a try.


What makes you say that, have you been on the course?
If so please details your experiences so I can compare to mine?

Zazenp 6

No experience with that guy specifically but almost all business courses like that are scams. Not necessarily fraud but over exaggerated success and asking for payment for info that’s generally available for free.

Why offer the course if working on creating it earns less money than his strategy with regular business? The answer: it doesn’t. If they did it for charity it would be free.


I always listen to Jonathan Jay's podcast and I could say that he has a lot of insightful stories to tell. His marketing material help me generate more leads. I would recommend all small businesses like me to get listen and buy his marketing course.

Fredthething 3

Yea I think he is an online marketing guy, problem is he is selling very expensive courses on buying businesses now and that doesn't appear to be his strength.

Fredthething 2

Agreed, but if someone deliberately lies about their past and their experience and asks for money isn't that fraud? It's deceiving people for money.


Exaggeration and fraud is not the same thing. Saying you’ve increased your businesses revenue 10x is fraud if you have never done that. Saying it because in actuality you went from $10 to $100 per month is an exaggeration by omission but not a lie.

Windows_Guy_ 4

Technically they run a very successful business. Unfortunately that business is selling BS to gullible wantrepeneurs. If you also want to setup a business selling bad information to gullible people, it may be worthwhile attending the seminar. It won't be useful for much else though.

Learnwell345 5

I've been on this course and it was awful waste of money.
I attended the live course which consisted of
1) Talking about marketing..... Basically sending letters to people in sectors your interested in.
2) Then he brings in supposed experts.... Who in reality are tying to pitch their services.

I would NOT recommend his courses or even Jonathan Jay in any of this endevours since I believe he lacks integrity, valid experience and knowledge.

Fredthething 7

I agree with Zazenp. My own cursory investigation looks a little worrying, on his linked in profile he claims to have 20 years plus experience just buying and selling businesses and is the owner of Business Buyers Academy. However it looks like his Linked in Profile has been cleansed and re purposed. first clue is buying businesses is not the number one endorsement (in fact not even top 3) he is more endorsed for Marketing and start ups. Then the books he has written, there is one very recent book about buying companies but lots of books over the years on Marketing and start up.

A bit more research and I find out his real career is...

In the late 1990’s he was a stage magician. Then he started a company Coaching Academy which sold seminars on how to become a coach. Then he sold this and started a company selling seminars on how to do marketing which it looks like he ran under various names until 2019 when he started the Business buyers academy doing guess what…. selling seminars.

So it seems he is a professional in selling seminars and training programs.

He sells an intro course for a low level then sells people into an expensive high end product, interestingly part of that product includes access to his legal and finance team and yet there is a video on Linked in just a year ago begging for introductions to a lawyer that can do M&A as his one is screwing up his deal… surely after 20 years he would have that one sorted.

In fact it is impossible to find one single shred of information about Jonathan Jay, buying businesses or talking about how great it is to buy businesses before 2019. The business Buyers academy was formed as a company in 2018. So this is all very new.

It looks like he is massively swamping the internet with content to try and make it look like this is his thing, podcasts, youtube videos, I am amazed he has any time to buy businesses :D

He himself is buying children’s nurseries, but in his marketing he talks about doing smart no money down deals, but he is going to brokers and buying tiny nurseries (100k revenue or so ) for cash and investing in refurbishing them. This is just a simple roll up strategy, using cash, anyone can do that, where is the secret sauce with that strategy? Well I guess it is no money down for him, as you give him 15-25k (he changes prices a lot) to join his mentoring program, he gives that to a nursery owner and bingo he has a nursery using none of his own money.

There is a video of Jonathan Jay, I am not sure what date it is where he is talking about having done the Harbor Club, which is another business buying type course, so it would seem he did that course and simply started his own competitor to it. So as an expert in selling seminars, it looks like this is just his latest ‘product’

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Wow, you went deep! That is very helpful. You just saved me a lot of money and headache as I was considering his program.

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The paid commenters at the bottom of this thread should tell you all you need to know about what kind of person you are dealing with.