Have any of you gone back to employment? How did it feel? I’m relieved but afraid that deep down I’ll be more miserable.

by pample_meese. Posted on Sep 15, 2020    4    10

I freelanced for 2.5 years. Got tired of the grind, lack of benefits and frankly wasn’t making enough to survive to even be happy about it. I made awfully little money, cut out my social life, and now financially, I’m pretty unhealthy.

Well recently I applied to some jobs and was actually able to land a really good one. A company I’m proud to say I landed a job at, high salary, “incredible culture” according to employees.

I’m excited and relieved to finally make a livable wage... but I’m also afraid that I will become miserable being stuck in a corporate job, fast.

I told myself I’ll never go back.. and here i am. Have you ever gone back to employment? Was it beneficial?



Have you considered using your skill to start your own project?

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What other options have you created for yourself ?

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Can relate. I've come from a background that had poor financial habits and tbh my early work career was rough. Did not save much at all. But after teaching myself basic financing/budgeting things are getting better.

I've recently gone back to employment and tbh it's how you look at it. I'm current freelancing and working part time at a corporate job.

You need to have a plan if you don't want to stay there forever! Make your budget clear. What do you want to do after? How much buffer time do you need (save enough money so you can give yourself time to set up yyour next thing).

Planning to use my corporate pay to pay off any outstanding debt, using freelance to pay bills and save. While building my business on the side. Sick of working for others, so I'm deciding to lead my own path now.

Best of luck

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I did. I worked for myself for near ten years. I used to make a lot at first.. but then my knees quit and then I was fucked after that. It also got old. Nothing left to learn and the passion became the grind. I took a corporate job 4 years back and dabbled here and there on the side with gigs to keep it interesting. There is always a new avenue to learn and a lot of mentors in the work world that you can learn from to help augment you in your total career.

It feels good for the security and cash flow, benefits and relationships with colleagues too.

I'm too fucking old and grey to start up .. that takes energy. It did for me. I remember the nights of burning the midnight oil go get a proposal in. I had the energy when I was a young man but that fades as you get on and the fiftieth proppsal writing night doesn't seem as exciting as the first five anymore

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This is so helpful to hear. Side gigs to keep it interesting - also what I’m thinking. Just to feel like I’m actually doing something.

Thanks for commenting

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I've been an entrepreneur all my working life but would not have done it if I made as little money as it sounds like you have made. A job where you don't have to worry about $$ and can build up a bit of savings goes a long way to making you less miserable. And if you don't like it - you can always go back to freelancing.

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If you have figured out a way to make a "living" without corporate BS...There is no way I would go back. I'm looking for that Livable wage without the corporations now, but can't figure it out.

Look in the mirror and be honest with yourself. Do you think this corporate job will get you to where you want to be?

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I havent but the SBA data says this is common. Think about it: you invested a large amount of resources into a venture, that will--more often than not--fail. Most people cant absorb failure after failure. So they return to the workforce.

The data also says that self employment typically requires longer hours for less pay. So I imagine a lot of people's fantasies are crushed when they experience reality.

There's no shame in getting a job. It's just a different path with different positives and negatives.

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Doh. Accidentally deleted comment.

I have. It is beneficial financially because for my line of work and my experience, it's just better to be employed.

I have to sacrifice my freedom, but for now, I am tolerating it. I have some loose ends in my personal life I need to take care of anyway. Definitely dont want to be worrying about income for now.

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It may help to remember this isn’t a ball and chain your committing to for life. You’re making a smart financial decision and you’ll learn some new things and get a chance of scenery while keeping career momentum. Give it a year, two, or ten and you can always come back to freelancing. Stay positive about it. Congrats on the new job and good luck!