Have any of you home service businesses paid for a website, google ads, seo, or anything related to online presence?

by pizzascholar. Posted on Sep 14, 2020    1    17

I am finishing up my 4th season and I'm stuck as a 1 man pressure washing team averaging about $70k per year in revenue and around $36k after taxes/expenses. I really want to try to scale up but haven't been able to find a secret sauce to generate more bisiness to justify buying more equipment and bringing on help. I've tried fliers, cold calls/emails, yard signs and discounts for referrals, thank you cards, etc. I'm currently paying about $200 per month in Google Ads but my website doesn't convert page views super well. I was thinking of hiring someone to get my online stuff straight but I just cant justify spending a few grand without knowing if it will even help. It seems like so many service businesses hardly have a online presence and are crushing it.

It could be that my online presence isn't the problem at all. I'm open to suggestions for getting out of this rut I seem to be stuck in.


Walter_Whiteknuckles 1

Can you answer the basic questions about your market?

How many competitors do you have in the market?

what is the size population you are serving?

Who is your current customer?

Who is your ideal customer?
What do you charge how long does it take?

I guess I'm old school but I would not spend any time or money on the internet and SEO until you can answer those basic fundamental questions.

Iaccardi100 1

You should be getting page views with Google ads no matter what. $200/month is not enough so you want to bump that to $400/month. Now if you're getting people on your site and they aren't converting to leads (filling out a form to get a quote) then your website is the problem. They should be able to fill out a form to request a quote. Call them when they fill out your form and then its on you to show them you're capable

You said you tried flyers but how many did you send out? You really need to offer a good discount to get flyers to work. Let people know how much it'll cost upfront and given them a crazy bargain. People need an incentive to buy from a flyer. What's in it for them?

You might have to lose a few bucks in the process but you'll win in the end. What if you put 10k flyers out and you get 2 customers. People see you pressure washing their houses and they come by and talk to you. What if those 2 customers refer you to their friends? Word of mouth is powerful

kippypapa 1

Start with some basics: Facebook page and do some research into Yelp to see if it works for you. I’ve heard good and bad about it.

People might see you Facebook page and call instead of emailing or messaging so you’re not going to be able to track that conversion as well. Get your Facebook page good and then invest $20 in Facebook advertising and see where it gets you. You could set up a google voice number that is on the Facebook page that forwards to your main phone to track conversions that way I guess.

Go slow and find the right thing that works for you before you go all SEO and 10k as budget.

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I have tried all of these. Yelp actually worked well even tho I hate them. The FB ads get a lot of interaction but soooo many people bitching about price it’s hilarious. It’s funny the difference between people that find my site are willing to pay about double or triple what the people on FB are.

Thanks for the recommendations!

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Yeah, I think people that spend all their time on social media tend to be. younger and broker.

It's good that you've identified which channel provides the best customer.

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I have some ideas to help both online and local marketing. Simple stuff. I have a successful service business for 10 years. Private Message me.

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What did you use... If it was a DIY cms like Wix, GoDaddy or any other WYSIWYG, you need a professional to help you rise in the SEO. A copy writer wouldn’t hurt either.

RMJoey 1

why do you think a pro needs to help him do on page SEO? or even off page?

and why is a copy writer (assuming you get a good one, increasing conversion and on page SEO) is optional and not a priority?

SaintPaddy 1

I suggest a pro because if you rely upon another pro, they should stand behind their work and be there for further support.

A copy writer can be optional if the owners familiar with what is working to bring customers in and convert.

After further discourse, OP probably needs both.

  pizzascholar 1

I honestly don't know. This really nice college kid offered to do it for free.

SaintPaddy 1

Lol... And now you understand the value of free.

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Do you do SEO or are you a service business owner? You seem to think SEO is important for my situation, have you seen or experienced a rise in calls/leads when SEO is dialed?


if you don't mind a trade, i'd love to look over your site and give you suggestions if you could teach me some absolute basics of powerwashing. i could totally youtube it but might as well help and get some help.

looking to start washing my own driveway, house, fences etc. for residential upkeep.

also interested in learning some car detailing.

SaintPaddy 2

I do not do SEO. I am a branding and packing design specialist... I help people sell CPG better.

SEO is more important than ever... if you ain’t on the first page, you might as well be last...

IMO, SEO matters a lot for service based biz. People search on their phone first, you gotta be there, but people need to know how they can benefit from your service. Better SEO and some copyrighting would be a good investment.

HellmanD 2

Your best bet is to be able to provide an instant price on your website. If it's mostly cleaning their driveway there might be some software you can subscribe to that uses Google maps to calculate the size and then it'll spit out a price for them depending on your charge per sq. There's several online booking and payment software options like Booking Koala and Launch27 but you need to be able to give an instant price for them to really work. Whatever makes it super easy and quick for your customer to see how much it'll cost and book and pay. The above mentioned software can be set to send the customer an email after you're finished and request a Google review. The Sweaty Startup sub reddit would have lots of other tips on your industry too.

I think the Sweaty Startup podcast host has a deal going with a website design company that might be worth checking out, I think they get your setup on Google My Business and a bunch of other stuff too

maistahhh 2

SEO is key but it's changing fast.

Results from google used to be different now when you search you get:

  1. Google Local < sign up for this if you can
  2. Google PPC < still important but not as much as Google local
  3. Google Map 3 pack < this is where you want to be 'organically'
  4. Organic results < where most SEO experts try to rank you

    If you haven't opened Google My Business do so now. Get reviews and photos on there. Update it as much as you can.
ConsultoBot 3

My first recommendation would probably be to get a scheduling system built into the website for online bookings. You can set them to be pending until you confirm so you can make sure you have enough travel time and the pricing is correct.