Health Insurance Dilemma for the Self-Employed

by throwaway111111156. Posted on Sep 12, 2020    0    4

Hi Everyone! I need some advice. What are all the self-employed people doing for health insurance? I am a single male, very healthy with no dependents. I've been self employed for 4 years now and uninsured pretty much the whole time. I do not have employees and my business profits are not much after taxes. I don't visit the doctor often as I'm pretty healthy. Last i went was maybe 2 years ago after my health care provider ended under my parents due to age.


First, I am wondering if it's. possible to just pay out of pocket 2x per year to get my health examine (see if i have cancer, if there are any ailment, etc. I'm entering my mid 30s and it'll be foolish to think my regular exercise and right diet will keep me healthy forever without seeing. any underlying medical issues i may have, especially for medical emergency in case i injury myself,etc

Secondly, what is my deductible looking like by the end of the year if I am able to do this without paying month by month insurance contract.

thirdly, I want to also get my teeth examine 2x a year as well as fix up some cosmestic like getting braces. IS there an option for pay out of pocket as well? and what is my deductible for that?


I am NY state if anyone is wondering



If you really want insurance, get ready to pay $300-$400/month with a $10k deductible. Unless you need $15k of care, you're lighting money on fire. Out of pocket for those simple exams is the way to go.


yeah thanks so just set up appointment 2x a year for both dental and health and then fork out how much total you think?

evgeney 2

Health insurance is just that. It’s insurance. I worked in insurance before and the system is entirely broken however living uninsured is not smart.

It’s a deductible business expenses and unfortunately a necessity.

Your appendix decides to rupture? That can easily be 100k and the cause for bankruptcy.

Expect to pay 500-700 monthly with a high deductible in NY but this is a cost of financial freedom.



wait , so 700 each month x 12 = 8400 a year and i can deduct how much off of my taxes with that?