Hello ! I have bought used digital tablet, How can I use this for passive income?

by Rynx0x. Posted on Sep 12, 2020    2    4

I can draw good. I am not aware about softwares etc and do not have idea how can I use my tablet for designes and stuff. Please guide me.

How can I create art: symbols; logos; designs to sell

Thank you.


yamelee 3

There are a few paid programs that are industry-standard for designers: Procreate, which is $9.99 for iPads (I’m not sure what type of tablet you mean though), and Adobe software which requires a monthly subscription (Photoshop by itself is $20.99 a month, or if you’re a student you can get all apps for $19.99 a month). Affinity Photo is similar Photoshop but only costs $50 for a one-time purchase. Corel products are a few hundred dollars, but those are also one-time purchases.

Some free alternatives: Gimp (similar to Photoshop), Inkscape (similar to Adobe Illustrator), Canva (which is all online), Figma (also online), and Sketch (a Mac-only software).

If you’re looking to do general art with brushes and textures, you’ll want a program suited to raster images, like Procreate, Photoshop, or Gimp. Logos, however, will require you to use a vector-based program like Adobe Illustrator or Sketch (and possibly Figma, I suppose). Otherwise, if you produce a logo using Photoshop (for example), it will not be able to scale up to large sizes and you would be giving your clients a logo that doesn’t work properly.

As for the actual income part, a lot of people will recommend you create patterns and images that you can upload to “Print on Demand” sites like Redbubble, Society6, Printful, etc. I would recommend you develop a style or niche that defines your products, rather than producing just any old thing, so that customers can easily identify your work and possibly turn into repeat customers.

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Thanks a ton!

I have a graphic tablet.

Yes. I do have a distinct style of drawing. I will try the mentioned sites.