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Hello all!

First time trying to figure out websites and how they work.

I recently came up with an idea for the current company I work for as we are still doing paper work dockets I would like to turn it all digital. So I bought a domain name for the company. My goal/ questions are as follow.

  1. I would like for each employee to be able to log into the website and upload there daily work sheets but not be able to erase already uploaded stuff.

  2. Each employee must only have access to there own account.

  3. How am I able to get a good system in place for each job site and beable to retain thousands of jobs site information like permits, work sheets, maps.

  4. A search option would be easy for employees to find information on a job wr have done before and it load up everyone's work docket who was there.

I am doing this for free as im just a field worker who wants to make life easier but website design is something I cant seem to figure out I've tried using WordPress as an easier tool but seems like its all plug-ins.

Would I be better off learning to code?


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Like others have said, this isn't really just a simple website. If you're going to have employees log in, you're going to need to store credentials, which means you'll need a database. You can't store the actual credentials in the database, instead you'll store some sort of encrypted version, so you'd need to know how to safely implement that. You can't have the actual website (front end) communicate with the database for security reasons as well, so you'd need a backend and some sort of endpoint or way to send info to your backend to do stuff with your database and return what you need or to log someone in, show them their personal docs, etc....


Most of the other stuff you talked about would just be different tables in a database, API endpoints to access that data, authorization to make sure users didn't see things that aren't theres, etc.... Your biggest issue is security. For someone inexperienced (hell even experienced people avoid having to code security themselves frequently), you would be much better off looking at pre-made solutions. Content management for projects isn't a new concept, so there are likely dozens of products already out there that meet your needs and probably exceed them. If you're serious about this, I think you'd be more effective for your company, by researching what exists and having a few conversations about the idea with your superiors. Ask them about their pain points, and ask them if such and such product's offering would alleviate that pain point.

If they say yes, it would, then discuss how much time would be saved, how much is that time worth to them. Would it free up man-hours to make more money? If any of the solutions you research can help your companies bottom line, or help them become efficient enough to take on additional work (which means more money), then you'll be able to roughly quantify that gain and see if the product cost is higher or lower.

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This project is possible when you hire a team or outsource it. There are lot of background things required. It can be done on php also it's a costly project so suggestion is to ask your company to design this system. If you need help I can outsource at better price.

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Thank you for the input much appreciated!

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You need a CRM system that can can handle projects think of Microsoft dynamics for example

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Thank you I just looked at images of crm websites and it seems to match the idea I had in my head.

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You're wanting to give this to your company for free?

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Who knows if they will even take it, I'm one of the employees ( roughly 35) and covid has hit the company hard. They have given me plenty of training. If I'm able to do it I will. If I have to drop in thousands of dollars I won't.

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First off I'm not trying to shit on you or shut you down. Good on you for wanting to do something to help yourself and the company you work for.

That being said, I'm not sure what you're wanting to happen here. I'm a bit confused why you're on this sub with this question if you're not trying to start a business with the idea.

As far as actually making it, I'm pretty sure this isn't the kind of thing you can just throw together on squarespace or WordPress or whatever in a couple hours with no software engineering experience.

Your options are

  1. Pay someone to make it.
    Very much not cheap. Definitely a thousands of dollars thing on the absolute lowest end.

  2. Learn enough about software engineering to do it yourself.
    If you are coming from no experience and are just learning it part time (a couple hours a day or so) you're probably looking at something on the order of years from starting learning to having something with your requirements functional and maintainable.

  3. Use an existing service.
    Cheapest option would probably be to just use a file sharing service like egnyte, sharefile, maybe Google drive, where the users have permission to upload and download to the desired folders but not delete from them.
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I just came for advice is why I'm here. As the business is newish and my employer started it from the ground up. And as a employee the more we can do to help the more we will get in return.

Thank you for the idea of software engineering. I will start alot more research into what I would like and how to implement it. I just wanted to see what others thought was a good starting place. If it takes years it takes years, im sure by then he might do something like that but I would still like to learn how myself.