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by Shelbybelle0329. Posted on Sep 16, 2020    1    12

So we have an Etsy seed shop and the paper envelopes just don't offer enough protection. So I was wrapping the seed packs in a bubble mailer piece. And then shipping. Well some were sent back for being to big. So I bought 100 4x7 bubble mailers. I CANNOT FIND A CONSISTENT ANSWER ON HOW MUCH POSTAGE TO APPLY WHEN SENDING UNDER AN OUNCE PACKAGES. Does anyone know???



If you can’t bend it in half you can’t use media mail but just take it to the post office and have them check it out

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You can’t use media mail for seeds, no matter what. It’s intended for printed materials like books only and can be inspected to ensure compliance.

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I use Then just put the weight of the package in the fields and it will get you a low price for shipping. I think you can directly import from Etsy (maybe, not sure). Then it will print a shipping label for you (I use half sheet labels in a normal printer) which also makes life super easy.

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Is it an option to get a digital scale?

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Yes I have one of those but it's smaller

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I have a postage scale just don't want my orders to not make it it to destination

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If it counts as a “flat” (flexibility and size guidelines apply, here), I believe you can just use a $1 stamp for First Class service at current rates.

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Take it to the post office and have them give you a price.


I don't want to go inside the post office during these times ☹️

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Suck it up and do it once. That's why you are having trouble. You are refusing to collect information from the easily accessible primary source.


It's not about me sucking it up. They should have this information easily accessible on the internet. My mother in law has a compromised immune system and if I got in there then her grandson can't see her... So it's a sacrifice I'm willing to make for her.

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They probably have the information, you might not know what your looking for and they may be presenting the information in a way your not looking for. You should call them to explain and discuss your concern and returned mail. Also, I highly recommend pirateship and rollo thermal printers.

If I remember correctly, to count for envelope rates it must be less than .25" thick. Otherwise you need to use the package rates.