Help plz! How to ship

by horror_chick2. Posted on Sep 11, 2020    4    4

Hello!! I am just starting a business and I just got a lot of orders at once and I’ve never shipped anything before! I am shipping smaller keychains and I want to send them in the bubble folders. Does anyone know how much that would be? The price shipping from Michigan to United Kingdom? And then Michigan to Canada? I tried the usps website but am so confused Thanks!!


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The USPS site is extremely confusing for international mail.

I generally ship small items like that First Class International and it costs around $13. That's the cheapest rate I found but I don't ship a lot overseas.

Look into a site like PirateShip: they make it a lot easier

chrisldavis 2

Get a digital scale and a thermal mailing label printer. Then sign up for an account with That's all you need.

feudalle 2

Lots of variables here. Goto a post office and ask the clerk they will know. Roughly if it's something that will fit in a flat envelope, prices start at $1.20 but vary depending on country. If it won't fit in a flat envelope. International priority mail starts at around $26.

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The thickness needs to be under 1/4 inch and uniform to use a regular envelope or the USPS will reject it. For something like a keychain, the simplest package is probably a bubble mailer and I think Domestic postage starts at around $3.80 for that.

I second your suggestion to go to the local PO and ask someone. They can be really helpful if you catch them in a good mood :-)