*HELP!* Problem creating a Business Bank Account as a new 18 year old.

by Eric908458. Posted on Sep 12, 2020    1    3

Hello All

In a bit of a situation here that’s been getting me really worked up. I recently just turned 18 a few days ago and filed for my first LLC, obtained EIN, submitted to IRS, etc, etc. I finalized my LLC but here comes the very frustrating part. When I was applied for a Business Bank Account, I input all my information and my SSN (Social Security Number) obviously. I wait a couple of days for it to be approved, but I got denied saying I “Mistyped” my SSN or couldn’t be found/identified. I know my SSN is 100% correct and even showed proof of my SSN Card to the Bank but it was still denied. I heard rumors that it could take up a few months for a new 18 year old to their identity (SSN) become fully identifiable, but I can’t really afford waiting a few months.

Is there anything I can do in my power to fix this? Any Recommendations? Help would be MUCH appreciated. Thanks.


Zazenp 1

Call the bank and explain the issue and ask what you can do to resolve it.

Amazing_Leave 4

If that does not work, just go elsewhere. Some banks are buffoons. You are technically an adult. There should be no hang ups if you are 18 or 81.

at1cad 3

Go to a different bank, a credit union if you have one available to you.