Help us make a revolution in content-making

by Amargelion. Posted on Sep 10, 2020    0    5

Hello, guys!

We are a startup that building a new revolution in content-making based on AI

Be the first who will get-in and influence the business direction

Please fill-up the form and we will contact you and describe what we are doing


lacadasical 6

There is a 0% chance you have anything AI based that works.


We should try at least)

Randren 1

What is your AI coded in?

  Amargelion 1

Python + GPT2/3

lacadasical 3

You should. But don’t promise the impossible.

Companies with a lot more resources than you have tried and failed. At some point we will have AI writing content, but some small startup who probably doesn’t have a software engineer on staff isn’t going to be the first to make one.