Help with my school project

by misterslothman. Posted on Sep 14, 2020    3

Hello! This year I’ve broadened the subject “Business management”, in my school. As part of my final grade in the class (70%), I need to write a school project about business/company analysis. Sounds simple enough. Right? Well, one of the requirements for the project is to have a permanent contact person who works for the company (meaning it can’t be a random customer support person each time). The worker will only need to answer about 5 questions over the course of my project completion (3 months \~). For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been looking for an interesting company, with good customer service that will fulfill the requirements. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a company that is both interesting and has good customer service. I’m looking for companies such as; NASA, Google, Tesla, Netflix, SpaceX, etc.

I would greatly appreciate it if anyone has suggestions regarding a company that matches the requirements for the project. Thanks in advance.