Here's how to find top performing content that you can recreate to get traffic and backlinks.

by second-rate-hero. Posted on Sep 14, 2020    1    1

Writing content can be risky. You can spend hours researching and writing an article only to find out later that it bombs.

Only one person read it…

And it was your mom…

You flushed your precious time down the drain, or if you hired a copywriter, your money.

But what if you knew your content would be a hit before you even wrote it? Today, I’m going to show you exactly how to do that - and it takes less than two minutes.

How to find content that gets traffic

To use this method, you need to have a subscription to ahrefs. It’s not a free tool, but if you do SEO like I do, the time it saves you pays for itself many times over.

First, we’ll log in to ahrefs (duh).

Next, we need the website of one of your competitors. You do know who your competitors are, right? I’m using Income School here just as an example. Now that we have the URL, paste that baby in and click the orange button.


If you’re familiar with ahrefs, you will have seen this dashboard many times. On the left, we have all of the links to check out the metrics of the domain. The one we’re looking for is “top pages.”


The top pages report shows you the most popular pages on the domain. I’d like to point out that no keyword tool is 100% accurate when it comes to traffic, but I like to look at how these numbers are relative to each other.


So, what do all these numbers mean? In the first row, we see that Income School’s most popular page is the home page. We also see the top keyword that brings traffic to that page, “income school,” and the position that page has for the term “income school.”


That’s not really helpful for us unless we wanted to write content about Income School. Let’s look at the other pages.


Here we see the fifth most popular page for Income School. It’s about side income ideas and there are 17 links pointing to that page.

So, what does that mean?

If we are targeting the same market as Income School, then “side income ideas” may be a good article to write. It’s the kind of content that may earn you backlinks.

Side note: This article is about topic selection, not necessarily SEO keywords selection.

Here’s another idea for an article:


We might think of writing an article about “making money on Facebook.” Sure, this page isn’t getting a ton of traffic, but it’s ranking on the first page for at least one keyword with no backlinks. That means it won’t be difficult for us to rank a page either.

Feel free to continue going through the most popular pages. Then, go on to your next. competitor.

This article was not an exhaustive list for market research or keyword research, but now you have a quick method to find article ideas that you know your audience will love.



You should generally avoid using "meta examples" as examples in writing how-to articles, it often confuses the reader.