Hey! I need your help for my start up project

by kawaiiikittyy. Posted on Sep 17, 2020    0    10

Hey, could you please help me by filling this survey? It's for a project I'm working on.

Would help a lot if you could share it too, thank you :)




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You can make a dating app for $20 on codecayon the problem is unless you have a million to spend on advertising it’s just going to be a dead app

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Yup. Saturated market. Especially endemic now.

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There’s always the possibility of making something better but still without a million for advertising it’s just a dead app


More. If you're not on the first page of Google / easy lay results, you might as well not exist. Staying on there for a year or more will cost sooo much money. And that's if the app is 4.5+ stars on Play/Apple.

OP, it's not all bad. Just be realistic. Go after a niche market and dominate it. FarmersOnly.com was smart.

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It actually can be completely free to be ranked #1 on google long as you have the right skills :)


So you consider the right skills = worth zero money?

I believe in paying people/talent what they deserve. OP does not want to be an SEO expert unless I misinterpreted.


Who know what OP wants to learn but my point is it getting your website ranked doesn’t exactly mean actual money

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Your point is flawed

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Ok if you say so 🤦‍♂️

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