Hi - Looking for online brand designers.

by buckshee9. Posted on Sep 13, 2020    4    9

I'm starting up a company and would like to work with a designer to create my brand logo, font type, etc.
Any advice on where to start looking? Websites/referrals/etc.




MrCheapCheap 1

For mine I actually used fiverr

costar7634 1

Check out https://ratkajdesigns.com/ they did my logo and I'm very happy.

entrepenoori 1

Instead of "going it your own", I think you should find a graphic designer to work with, particularly if branding is important. I'll DM you someone who helped build out my company's logo and branding.

mike_concho 1

I met someone the other day who can produce an actual logo for under $100 which I thought was pretty good for his skill set. Let me know if you want his info and I can track it down.

lacadasical 1

What is your budget? I’ve worked with a lot of designers and can recommend one.

FalseColors_ 1

I know someone who is a great photoshop designer who could probably help you out want info?

xAvi_r 3

Check out https://www.logology.co

It's an online branding maker. Start with the branding discovery survey and see some logo/colors/fonts proposals that match your values instantly.

If you want something more custom we connect you with a branding specialist. No upfront payments, delivery within a week

Disclaimer: I'm one of the co-founder!