Home decor company owner , making a online website/shop for the first time , need inputs and advices from fellow smallbusiness owner. TY in advance

by ero_kami. Posted on Sep 15, 2020    5    3

Storywise , we usually go to fairs to promote our products , was doing fine and have had a lot of customers from abroad. Its a home decor company that based on mirror such as venice mirrors , table , handle , table , doors , etc .

Now i want to take it next level by trying to promote our stuff online as well , we have our own website that is still undergoin. The question now is , what is your thought about opening shopify ?Does shopify give better ads than normal website ? How do people bring traffic to your own website ? Should i make a blog with these SEO magics about home decor ?

please tell me your advices for room of improvement .

really appreciate it


Raikojou 1

I work with companies to step up their game by providing online services such as website, SEO, social media ads, etc.

Most companies think having a website gives you better advantage without actually knowing what to do with it, but the true game changer comes from social media ads. I personally think FB ads (and IG, to that extent) are the most powerful and modern way of promoting yourself.

Next (or maybe this should be first step) is to register yourself on Google Business so you actually come up when people search your business / your area of service. Placing google ads are high cost, high reward kind of thing with their pay-per-click scheme.

According to my philosophy, website is just a place to get your stuff sorted. If you're strictly selling stuff then it's a good idea to have shopify as your online store. Of course ebay is often times beneficial as well. But if you're selling services, just a normal website with Wix, or get it personally customized by web designers and host it from a hosting company would suffice. But then again, with services there's not much to put on your website aside from portfolio and service descriptions, which might work just as fine with instagram. There's that "professional" vibe to a website though and it's actually a thing, so it's not like i dont recommend websites to people.

My way of working might not fit everyone but they work when they do. Happy to tell you more if you PM me. Dont worry im not selling my service, i just enjoy giving consulations.

onedough 1

I am an owner of a site that specializes in helping small businesses build cloud based online tools.

Are you a startup?

calemedia 2

Using Shopify or a normal website makes no difference it’s all about your designing skills.

SEO takes years to master and expensive to outsource.

You’re probably best building up your social media accounts and also using paid advertising.

But if you have the time and dedication SEO is gold