How are you able to manage everything?

by BlueCigarIO. Posted on Sep 10, 2020    3    12

I just opened up a mechanic store a month ago, and I feel very overwhelmed with the amount of stuff I need to do: social media ads, employee management, local compliance, talking to the right suppliers, analyzing margins, etc.

It’s been super veré helming and I’m wondering if this is a problem everyone else has ?


techprospace 1

Know a little bit of everything and delegate as you grow. You don't just want to delegate and not know what you delegated.

AccidentalCEO82 1

Good help. Boy, would I get some of these people earlier if I knew they could do it better than me and allow me to focus on what I was good at.

smithpimpington 1

I have a small service based business with 20 employees and I feel you! Everyone will tell you that you need to hire people to do everything for you but somehow they fail to realize you can't afford to hire everyone to do everything for you and still stay in business. Especially when it would take a very long time to train someone to do what you do exactly. BUT you can pay people to do the menial shit that wastes your valuable time. Driving 30 minutes over to pick up a part/supply/tool that you need. Being the one that answers your own shop phone, taking the payment from a customer, cleaning or sweeping up the office/shop, any little thing that takes YOUR time that you could be using to work ON the business rather than IN the business. That's where I started to get better about what my time was worth, since then I've moved on to doing less myself and putting my employees in positions where they take on more responsibility. Reddit has been pretty helpful with tips and suggestions about where to improve. The takeaway I've found most helpful was YES I KNOW I NEED TO NOT DO EVERYTHING MYSELF....BUT...You can't just immediately hire everything done for you's a slow process if you want to keep the level of quality up while doing less overall yourself....but it's possible! Good luck!

smithpimpington 2

I underestimated what a 17 year old 1099 work assistant and a personal assistant for my non-work life could do for my business. Low-ish payroll expenses... but huge returns on my time savings that I could use to do more work/take time for myself.

touchedbyacat 1

Just because you can do it yourself doesn’t mean you should. For me, it’s worth it to cut into my margins in order to reduce the stress of trying to do it all just because I can.

  BlueCigarIO 1

What do you feel like is the best thing to outsource in order to reduce stress ? Social media ads cause me a lot of stress tbh

touchedbyacat 1

Outsource the stuff you’re not good at / don’t enjoy. I personally outsource accounting and payroll stuff. I run a service business (Digital Marketing) so it’s a little different but I also outsource the marketing services I don’t like or am not good at like copywriting and graphic design. I save the stuff I like for me- project management, relationship management, and strategy.
I would recommend to work on morphing your “job” into consisting of only the stuff you like doing!

smallfranchise1234 1

At the begining yes. 80+ hour weeks getting things situated u til I was could trust people getting work done correctly.... Now slowly delagating.

It took me 5 6 months 80 hour weeks to be able to cut hours down to 55 now at 35-40

Good luck it'll get better. Once start making money definately delegate social media maybe to a child or younger cousin as free or cheaper and they are usually good with that stuff

techprospace 4

I agree with everything except that last part. They know how to chat and gossip with their friends. Not how to market a company. Also don't let them manage your IT. Using the internet doesn't qualify you as tech pro just like there are professionals that do marketing.

smallfranchise1234 1

True read it over I guess I thought social media as pictures and responding to simple comments I forgot it's a main marketing source - I don't have to market to much as I'm a franchise and I hate social media so he's definately right.

I think it's early to pay someone to run it though

techprospace 1

I am not a fan of social either and yes once you get a budget. Then you can delegate that too. You have to be careful with marketing as well because there is a lot over promising.

missche 4

This is the very reason small business owners hire Operations help -- often an Administrative/Executive Assistant employee, or a Virtual Assistant. Worth the investment!