how do I find a supplier to produce my prototype ?

by shtackdividends. Posted on Sep 14, 2020    1    7

I had an idea for something that can help people working from home. So I made a prototype, and I want to get it produced in large quantity. I don't know how this part of it works. I need to find a supplier and my plan is to sell through amazon FBA.


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Many manufacturers overseas can mark up the 3D drawing, and even create the 3D printed design and send to you to check out before you commit. Send them the basic dimensions in a PDF and if you find the right manufacturer, they will do the work for you.

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How complex is the product? What kind of materials are needed?

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Well the prototype is cardboard and glass. It's very small. Relatively smaller than baseball, but just bigger than a golfball. I expect it would be produced at a cost of less than $2 per unit, with around 500 units produced. It's mostly plastic.

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Take your idea to a local university with an industrial engineering/mechanical engineering/product engineering program and talk with the professors there. Otherwise find your nearest business incubator/SBDC and they may be able to help guide you.

For the product I launched I found a manufacturing engineering consultant and hired him to develop the production plans then found a company that produced the end product. Then there’s marketing, bookkeeping, licensing, insurance (just to name a few other things) that have to be taken care of...

Launching a product is a lot more complex than getting a number produced and selling it on amazon.

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If its gonna be plastic it will most likely be injection molding. You would need a cast for that and it would cost but you would be able to make as many as you would want.

I would suggest getting a cad designer to make the prototype (NDA first) and then having a 3D printer make the design from cad. It’s what I did for mine and is much cheaper than going all in on a mold and production.

Edit: I had an idea that was all plastic and had a functioning prototype made in 2 months.

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Agree that developing a CAD model is definitely the first step. It is the lingua Franca of the manufacturing world