How do I find like-minded people?

by owoaleowo. Posted on Sep 17, 2020    0    8

Hello there! I am a 15 year old boy that is really interested in building an own company. I have read many books about the topics of financing, self-development, leadership and the overall basics about companies. The problem that I have and don't know how to solve or get around is how to find like-minded people. Since I am pretty young I find it hard to find people with the same ambitions as me, so I asked myself: Should I try to find older people/friends or should I try to ride solo? Help will be highly appreciated by anyone!


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The SBA has a program in most states called a County Development Center. For instance, I use the Larimer County Small Business Development Center in Larimer County, CO. They have free counseling to help you navigate your new business. My counselor recently started talking to me about finding and creating professional business relationships. They were able to connect me with a few people to start and it has been very helpful. Perhaps try this in your area and see if the business community can point you in the right direction!

When I was closer to your age I went to SCORE in Philadelphia.

Long story short, these free programs are awesome and free and awesome. Take advantage of them even if you don’t feel like it’s totally valuable at the moment being exposed to navigating bureaucracy at a young age can come in handy later!

Best of luck:)

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Try Once you join you have access to the online community.

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I'll have a look, thanks!

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Was looking for the same thing and only found toxic or dead groups. I created a discord community in 2019 based on the principles of being polite, professional and helpful. We all started out somewhere and I personally know how much help it can be to talk your ideas out. If you're interested in joining DM me and I'll shoot you a link.

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you dont need anyone to start a business. start alone, then once you're making some profit hire employees.

most "entrepreneurs" are lazy fucks and you dont want them as cofounders.

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Have you ever heard of Aaron Swartz? He was a co-founder of reddit. He also helped create RSS. When he started working on RSS, he was 13. Granted, he was a genius but the fact remains that he was able to work with an older crowd. Talent and ambition will carry you far. Sit at the adult table.

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The last sentence is on point. Always starts from our families and continue working from there.

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Thanks for your reply!