How do I find people ready to buy?

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I digitize physical photos. I scanned thousands of my mom's. I've scanned my gf's family photos. My mother posted examples on Facebook and said I'm available and got like 60 likes but no one was interested. I digitized 100 of one of my mom's friend's photos and she said she was interested in doing more but doesn't actually seem interested (reached out several times).


I'm not sure if it's the pandemic that has people cautious about spending money for this type of thing or what. I think part of it is scanning someone's photo collection requires a lot of trust and they have to be absolutely ready and willing to do it because it's a huge pain for them! They have to lug out all of their photos and be willing to let someone see all of their embarrassing photos.


A lot of people want this type of thing done but I'm having a hard time even getting my friends and their parents interested.


I've been working in preservation for a university for three years so I have experience but I'm having a hard time finding clients. Ideally, I would use Facebook ads or Google ads but I'm wanting to do it as cheap as possible.


Any tips?



Print media is a waste of money. Track every dollar and use Facebook ads. I'll set them up for you for free .

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The entire point of marketing is to see what sticks and what doesn’t.

Additionally, Facebook ads isn’t a one time deal- when done correctly there’s a lot of research, analysis, and adjustment to find something that really works.

As tre said- most of OP’s demographic will be on the older side- individuals who have savings, investments, and money to burn. People who aren’t necessarily tech savvy, — people who’ve lost dear loved

I do real estate and lifestyle photography/video and capture nearly 2000 homes and 40-50 industry influencers a year. When you get into the older communities

-newsletters are a very prominent source of informing the community

-the richest neighborhoods in Vegas still post flyers

-every private jet stocks print media

-there are real estate agents who stay booked for an entire year by placing ads in shopping carts, at the gym, and anywhere else that allows

Print media isn’t dead

And even if it fails to convert- it’s still a brand touchpoint that’s lasting. Remember it generally takes a consumer 3-5 interactions to feel confident enough to purchase (unless it’s a need it now situation)


  • create simple ads showcasing your before and after work side by side or in the same shot

  • ask the people you’ve done work for to explain why they wanted their photo restored and turn those into customer reviews

  • understand all of the scenarios in which someone might seek out your service

  • maybe even reach out to those in Cali, Oregon and near Vegas right now, explaining the benefits of digitized photos in case of fires. It’s a real, ongoing issue. And as someone who’s lost Thousands of photos and vhs tapes thanks to flooding and fire- I would have paid for your service.

  • check into companies celebrating 40-50 year anniversaries or any number that precedes digital cameras. How cool would it be to bring some of their old content back to life— showcasing how strong brand values and great service transcend time.
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such a great comment! thanks!

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Agree with this, I was speaking flippantly and this is the correct way to answer. I'll be more responsible next time, because I know there are a lot of people trying to learn here and I'm just shooting out my two cents.

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Not shooting you down. Just giving options. We all have different tools and levels of comfort. I agree print isn’t what it use to be. Without split testing, data analysis and adjustments, Facebook can be pretty frustrating and way more costly.

Good luck OP -

Thanks for being so chill hbdubs11 ✌🏽

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Beaut tips.

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Do more for less. People don’t need or want you to do the scanning. They want to save money to do it themselves. They want to give it the time it deserves.

They need you to show them how. What scanner to buy, borrow or lease. What software to use. How to speed the process. How to improve the faded ones. But - most of all, how to file and name and sort and organise and techniques on identifying when/where/who metadata.

Expanded: the issue is many already have tens of thousands of already digital home photos and videos they don’t sort or identify. If you were to do say, 3-5 short 15 minute onsite consults where you go through acquiring hardware to using it, but with the majority of the sessions spent running though worksheets on how to quickly work out what photos from 30 years ago might be, and how to tag them so one can rapidly search a history by keyword.

You could even look past what you do now and simply teach people to manage their unmanaged digital archives, including backups, and not bother with the paper photos initially.

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You have a great service that would make a good gift, but not something most people will buy themselves.

Think: "Grandma has all these old photo albums I bet everyone in the family would like some of these photos, lets digitize them for her for Christmas."

You have a very marketable service for holidays - Mother's Day, Father's Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas - any family centric holiday should be a marketing goldmine.

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This was my idea a long time ago and I never pursued it. I always figured I would partner with insurance agents, life and property. I would give them a handful of pamphlets and stamp their names on them and send them a commission for every sale. Everyone needs insurance and your service is a form of insurance against loss or damage of their memories.

Btw, definitely offer cloud storage as a premium option. The benefit is that the entire family can see them any time and they're safe from data corruption on a hard drive.

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I would also think about "colorizing" or touching up old photos as a service. My aunt seeing an old photo of her long dead father in color brought her to tears. It would potentially mean having to find fewer customers if you get paid more per customer.

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Your target demographic will likely be 50+, so it may benefit you to hone in your efforts on that market. Specifically, Facebook is a great tool (whether by paid advertising or local groups), as well as traditional print media (50+, especially 65+ read print media exponentially more than young folks read the paper or other print sources). Consider also paper flyers to community leagues and/or senior's residences.

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All good ideas. Print media is a great idea. I could even do my local newspaper and see what else is out there. Maybe the business journal.

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Look into Roots Tech. It’s a convention for genealogy. Find genealogy Facebook groups to post your services in. You could even post physical fliers at the family history libraries at LDS centers. There are plenty of 50,60+ yr olds out there who will be interested in this. I go to Roots Tech every year and I’m one of the youngest people there (35) and there are thousands of people who are into this. DM if you need more ideas!

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So I think one of the problems you are having is the difference between something "people would like to have done" and something "people will pay to have to done". I'm not sure I have specific advice here, but the general advice would be that you need to create a pain point for them and then solve that point it. It would be nice to have all my old photos digitized but what am I losing out on by not doing it?

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this is a solid comment. thank you!