How do I find the right project for me?

by dswampie. Posted on Sep 10, 2020    1    4

I've wanted to start a business ever since I heard that you don't need to go to college, find a job, work for 40 years and retire too old to actually live.

All the advice out there is generic "follow your passion" "do what you're good at" etc, nothing actionable.

I'd appreciate advice about finding the right thing for me, or stories of how you decided to do what you do :)


dmolot13 1

So I am the co-founder of a B2B SaaS tool as a non-technical co-founder. Never in my life did I think I was going to be working on something that was tech-heavy, and especially not in the current capacity where I really had to dig deep and learn a lot of the technical side so that I could even understand my co-founder. But I absolutetly love it.

Following a similar sentiment as the other commenters, it is less about "following your passion" (data integration was not a particular passion of mine before my startup) and more about being open to the opportunities that present themselves. My co-founder and I met through an entrepreneurship program at our college (go terps) and he brought this idea to me after he had worked on it a little bit. Even though B2B SaaS tools were not my expertise, he knew that I had other business skills that he really wanted to utilize.

That brings me to my next point. While being open-minded to new opportunities is essential, you also have to create your own luck. For me, this meant in high school and now in college, I am doing everything I can to improve myself and open all the doors I can. The right project fell in my lap because I worked hard on making myself a valuable asset to my co-founder. Make sure that you are doing everything you can to be that valuable asset, and sometimes just that will help you realize and create your own project.

Hope this was even minutely helpful.

thisislink 2

First, my answer isn’t going to be the “norm” because like you, the generic advice never helped me find ideas or start projects.

So, here’s two things I do to help me come up with the right projects for me:

  1. Look at your browser history or reddit history. Other than how to start a business or find the right project searches, what have you been looking for in your searches?

    Make one of those things your project.

    If you delete your history, fine, there’s still another option.

  2. Base your project around what you already know.

    I truly believe anyone who has ever done anything, cooked, cleaned, had a job, etc. knows something they can share/teach the world and make money from it.

    I looked at some of your post history, and you created what looks like a web comic a couple years ago, but it looks like you didn’t keep up with it.

    However, what’s cool, is you could start a business/project outlining how you come up with the comic idea, how to get to your first 100 IG (or whatever social) fans to your comic, how to story board, how to come up with the art, what programs to use to make the art, etc.

    You can make a series of short guides on each topic
    and give them away for free, and/or do a full course you can sell teaching others.

    Hope this helps.
EntrepreNEWPodcast 2

A project is not something you will find by the end of today, so dont stress about finding one immediately.

Id start by talking to friends or colleagues. Spark up a good conversation about cool business ideas or startups and see where it leads. Ive developed my two most recent projects just on random conversations with friends that eventually lead to great ideas. Who knows, maybe youll even find a business partner through these conversations.

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The best thing about starting your own business isn’t “not going to college”. You’ll work 80 hours a week and won’t make money for 5-10 years if you’re really building something you want to last. You’ll pay for your education in the form of expensive losses. You’ll sacrifice “chill time” with your friends. Relationships will come second for a long time.
The reason you do it is because simply the thought of doing anything else feels suffocating.

How to figure out WHAT you want to do?
Say yes to new things, take that job, quit that job, get out of your comfort zone, do the best you could do at every single thing and recognize when something isn’t working.
Taste as much as you can, and you’ll figure out what you love.