How do I gather partners for a business I want to start without having them steal my idea?

by youarestronk. Posted on Sep 13, 2020    2    9

I have this idea of opening up a physical rehab center similar to a crossfit box but focused on rehabing patients from many sports. There is nothing like this where I live (an island) and I'd mainly profit from partnerships with local sports clubs, but also through individual clients. I want to offer a high quality rehab center focused on fixing the athlete's technique and making them stronger for their sport.

The thing is, eventhough I have a business degree and I am very enthusiastic about studying kinesiology and physical exercise, I have no real experience in running a business and I have no certification saying I can rehab people. I also have virtually any established contacts in this market.

The contacts that I'm looking for are business owners that are connected to the psyhical exercise market (gym owners, sports coaches, physical therapist, nutritionists, etc). However I am afraid that because these people already have their contacts, they will steal my idea after I talk to them. Is this a silly thought?

Also, does anyone have any experience with this market and has any advice?


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You secure your business by grinding it out, not by preventing corporate espionage.

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Hey! If you'd like more feedback, you can join to be matched sith others working on projects/ideas:

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What is your idea? Just a gym that focuses on rehab? What are you going to offer that the other hundred gyms on your Island can't offer?

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A specialized team to help clients recover from their injuries in an active way (instead of "oh just do heat therapy to treat your symptoms) while improving their technique to prevent further injuries

Gyms here only offer the space and equipment for people to lift, with shitty workout programs, and physical therapy clinics focus only on treating the symptoms and not the cause of pain

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Let anyone to steal your idea should not be a big concern to you. Go out there and talk to people. You may pivot your idea anyway when you get feedback.

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As Tom Reber says on the contractor fight ( check out his YouTube) “shoot first aim after”

I’ve learnt a shit ton from him for free and I just started my electrical contracting business this year.

Obviously it’s not the best time to start anything but it’s / I’m working and getting jobs about 1 or 2 a week. I’m a damn good electrician but had zero clue about the business side of it.

Good luck with your business.

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Dude... you have an idea with no plan, no clients and your worried about someone stealing the idea, also your not licensed in any way, shape, or form to work on people. Someone stealing the idea is the least of your issues. People are not that motivated :)

Get a physical therapy degree, take a loan and learn as you go.

Parter with a physical therapist. This person holds the key to legitimize the business. Your role is again business and sales.

Do you have money?
Are you good at sales?
Do you know any physical therapists?
How will you sell this idea?
Whats in it for a gym that promotes your business?

Think about the sell, and how you will get clients first. Then think about how to start. I like option 1 as it puts you in total control. BUT, My partner is the brains of the product, I am the sales, business and management. Together we are successful, apart we are nothing. Find a motivated YOUNG physical therapist with a passion for their work. You take care of the rest which will be management, sales, and marketing.

Can you see yourself doing this?

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Well said.