How do I get a prototype built

by mrkleo45. Posted on Sep 16, 2020    1    11

I have an idea for a low tech piece of gym equipment (simple materials and no moving parts ect)

How do I go about getting a prototype built? Is it better to look overseas for this?


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Depend on what your are trying to create I am a developer doing my own coin hopper atm and I bought a 3d printer to make my prototype then I will look overseas for mass production

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Gym sound like you need a welder. I would source a reputable local welding shop or machine shop.

Putrid-Excitement 1

I believe a lot of people find local prototypers that also help first timers with the overseas manufacturing process.

  mrkleo45 3

If it’s a simple low tech product what is the cost of this generally? Like rubber and 2 pieces of plastic simple

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you can hire some random freelancer that can make a very crude prototype for <$500. Or you can go to the product development firm and see what they are quoting for CAD drawings, and machine printing out a prototype. I would guess it's in the $1000 to $3000 range, but idk, you have to get quotes.You can try overseas and see what their website/agents are saying.

You will only know for sure once you get quotes. If it is still to confusing to navigate, consider a consultant that will give you advice on the pros & cons and mentor you. (a local product development firm provides this already, which is why many go that route)

  mrkleo45 1

Thank you! I looked into a company that is local to me and they quoted 20k and that seems quite excessive for what I was looking to build out. But thank you for your advice I’m going to pursue those avenues

Putrid-Excitement 1

wow $20k.. that's competitive... idk what the prices are overseas (shenzhen) but I imagine that should be <$5k (4x cheaper) and ready to be sent to the manufacturer for a test run. Maybe, you can do with just a dirt cheap prototype that is crude, and then play around with it till you got something, then get a freelancer to make it ready for manufacturers. I believe if you need your own mold for manufacturers that can cost thousands to make.. so if you can use off the shelf parts or molds, you can reduce that price. Regardless, you should work out a strategy to get your objectives of cheapest price, and getting the features/designs done right.

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Fusion 360 is free for startups making less than $100k (last I checked.) If you're working with rubber and plastic, it sounds like injection molding is the manufacturing method to use. To use injection molding you need to send a company such as Protolabs a 3D model, which Fusion 360 can be used to make. You'll save a lot of money if you design the product yourself this way. Good luck to you.

Oh and if you model it, you can 3D print it easily with a $300 3D printer. I can't recommend it enough.

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This is what I was looking for thanks you so much for your advice! I’m going to look into this ASAP.

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Best of luck!

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For a prototype I'd suggest looking in your city, or the nearest city of decent size. You may need adjustments to the design to get it right, and being local makes that process quicker and easier.

Once you are ready to mass produce, then look over seas for cheaper production.