How do I get more Customers?

by Selfmadetune. Posted on Sep 15, 2020    0    8

Started a Junk Removal company a month ago. Started out getting my customers from HomeAdvisor but I been getting away from them because of the fees to get leads. Recently been getting g customer via Facebook but my phone not ringing enough. What’s the been way to get my business out there?


giddygiddyupup 1

This isn’t the answer your looking for, but 100% make sure you are listed on yelp and have a claimed and updated “google my business” page

Ivanne_19 1

Have u tried professional help? like i mean using services that are specialists in marketing, e-commerce etc. like e.g next level ninjas- they help with getting new customers and improve your image

hollywoodparty 1

Tell people directly who run estate sales....they don’t sell everything and it has to go somewhere.

SheddingCorporate 1

For quick results, you can’t beat paid advertising. Google ads to grab the attention of those who are actively searching for junk removal should work, but could be pricey if you’re going head to head against others in your niche.

Also, put pixels on your business website so that you can retarget people who visit your site but go away without actually taking action. Retargeting ads can be significantly cheaper than ads to a completely new group of people.

SEO, social media posts, referrals ... those are all good options, too, but usually slower thank paid ads, to be honest.

There’s more you can do. Reach out to a digital marketing agency.

Disclaimer: I am a business strategy and marketing strategy consultant.

Edit: how much is an average customer going to pay you over the time they are a customer? That number should tell you how much you can afford to spend to gain a client. How much were you paying for the HomeAdvisor leads, compared to your client lifetime value? Are you sure it isn’t worth it to pay someone else to get you those leads.

TheSquireOfShaw 1

Networking, and for your business, connect with your local realtor association. Sponsor different events (virtual now) with them, as realtors are always looking for haul away. If you can partner with some community organizations that will take donations, that helps too.

Independent_Lion_14 2

Leads cost money. Customer acquisition is gonna cost something. Now, you can reduce this cost in multiple ways. I would suggest exploring other options that would target more people for advertising. Social media, SEO/Google/Website, yard signs, direct mail, etc. I would also look into a referral program for existing customers

Sliver_God 3

If "buying leads" is too expensive, you're going to have a tough time. Perhaps you should raise your rates so that you can afford them? Perhaps you can approach your county and/or city governments and see what you need to do to be a vendor our contractor with them? Join your local Chamber of Commerce and network with businesses that produce a lot of waste, or some other trade organizations. Good luck!

RyanMatonis 2

If you cant make money buying customers you don’t have a business