How do I go about contacting a freight forwarder and how much do they usually cost?

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I’ve been looking into importing about 1000kg of weight plates from China recently and I found a manufacturer that has really great prices with shipping included. I did a lot of research and it says that I need to get a freight forwarder to ensure that my pallet comes gets cleared through customs and is sent my residence. I’ve done quotes online but a lot of them take a while to get back and I was just wondering if anyone experienced could tell me how much something like this could cost? Are there any particularly good or bad freight forwarders that I should go for/avoid or should I look at someone local? I’m extremely new to importing anything over 30 kg and appreciate any advice or answers!


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Your manufacturer can also handle the freight forwarding for you

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If it's not a container load, then use a consolidator like JustAir, Triple B or TrafficTech. If you have more than a few pallets, contact Matson or APL directly. They'll have China forwarders they work with. TrafficTech and Triple B both have warehouses in California. Be aware though. California always wants to try to tax you. Evan at JustAir is really good at getting you the docs to avoid that CA. tax sham.

I import about $2M a year from China. Mostly bottles and retail packaging. Most (90%) of my products are American made, but some things you just need to import.

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This is a good answer. OP, listen to the guy that has 4 options to choose from, and can probably tell you exactly what each of their strengths weaknesses are.

in international logistics, nothing can replace experience. This guy clearly has it.

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Where abouts are you located? We own a freight forwarding business and maybe can you help out?

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Company 1: We distribute from Guam, and ship across all US military bases in Asia.

We import bags and bottles from China, and supplements from Utah and Florida.

Company 2: computers and electronics from US, China, Korea and Japan.