How do third party service providers get user traction?

by JG98. Posted on Sep 15, 2020    1    2

How do various types of third party service providers get users beyond their initial 100 users? Every business has it first few users already there but they eventually need to market outside of that to gain serious traction. How did providers such as Uber, Doordash, AirBnB, etc get their first users outside of the founders own network? What are some common or unusual ways they were able to expand rapidly and consistently?


MaxPast 1

There is a great article on the subject from Paul Graham (Y Combinator founder):

Yes, you can get your first 100 users by "doing things that don't scale" :)

In all my previous projects first 30-200 customers were acquired mostly randomly with trial and error of non-scaleable marketing actions.

Dinokknd 1

Usually similar platforms were set up using some hefty capital, either from investments or the founders own wealth.

After that, it's lots of marketing.