How do you deal with prospects who waste your time?

by kioba. Posted on Sep 17, 2020    1    4

I spent valuable time making this proposal for this dude who kept pushing me saying he was ready and then he goes silent.

This is not the first time either. How do I stop doing this?



Up-front fee refundable upon signing a contract.

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Might be shopping your proposal. Putting a deadline on it to guarantee deadlines could be a good idea.

Giving a consultation fee that is deducted from the project once it starts.

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You can also have expirations on your proposal and as the deadline looms you can remind them to lock in the rate to avoid an increase. We go as far as to tell them we will close their file and charge a fee to reopen it if it is becoming an issue. This can sometimes motivate them to act.

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Analyzing a company's needs and planning a project is a billable service. After a first consultation of up to an hour you must ask the client to pay a thousand or two for X hours of project planning and the development of a scope of work.