How do you feel about small businesses who don't get the proper licenses to operate legally?

by marrymeodell. Posted on Sep 16, 2020    0    7

I've been seeing a lot of small businesses on Tik Tok that are operating illegally. For example, a bunch of individuals have been making grazing/charcuterie boards out of their homes and selling them. I thought it was a good idea so I did some research and of all the states I looked up, in order to operate a business handling meat and cheese, you need to get a food license and work in a commercial kitchen.


costar7634 1

Lots of goofs out there getting into hot water over stuff like this.

Zazenp 3

Operating a business to test the waters before registering for sales tax? Sure, not the smartest but not a big deal. Operating a food focused business without getting reviewed by the health inspector? That’s a big no for me.

  marrymeodell 1

I’m seeing it a lot and I commented on one tik tok asking how they were operating legally since the business isn’t considered under the cottage foods law and they deleted their entire post lol

giddygiddyupup 3

They probably have no idea about those things. We were raised on the idea of having lemonade stands in your yard and bake sales at school. Of course people don’t realize they can’t just sell food out of their home. (I am not arguing your point, just offering perspective)

  marrymeodell 1

Yeah that possibly could be it but you'd think someone would do some research before opening a business!

Zazenp 4

Me thinks the circle of tik tok users and the circle of people who thoroughly research things before making decisions doesn’t have as much overlap as the average citizen.

  marrymeodell 1

Haha true