How do you grow your twitter following?

by freewheelin_zee. Posted on Sep 15, 2020    26    26

I find twitter to be a very effective way to engage people specially when it comes to tech product releases

2 things I'd like to ask the r/startups community

  1. What do you feel about building an audience on twitter?
  2. How do you grow your following on twitter?



I've grown a pretty good following in a few months....DM me.


Depends on the niche and how people interact with it. some niches have large twitter communities full of people you could easily market to. Reach out to the bigger accounts in the community and offer a free “influencer package”. Don’t do it in exchange for them to advertise, do it in hopes they do. Giveaways with larger companies within the same niche do wonders as well. Something as simple as “rt and follow” to enter the giveaway will drive new people to your account. Don’t overdo this though, nobody actually feels connected to a brand that only does giveaways.

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  1. Engage with people
  2. Pay for fake followers
  freewheelin_zee 1

I like the former better than the latter

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  1. Provide value with your tweets: instead of posting sales materials all the time, create content that is valuable for your audience. It can be an opinion/idea of yours, a link to an interesting industry article, your thought-leadership blog article, etc. Remember to use hashtags.
  2. Be present where your audience is: Comment & retweet industry influencers content. Since there're a lot of eyeballs on their tweets, commenting a well-thought opinion on their content can drive traffic/followers to your Twitter profile. If the influencers engage back with you, it's even better.

    If you do this consistently, you will grow an engaging audience and be able to generate leads from it.
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  • Twitter works on the concept of recent content, post regularly
  • I am not asking to post every minute, but post several times a day
  • Understand your industry find out the influencers there make an excel sheet list or something where you keep adding them to it, tag relevant people everytime you post
  • Find out what hashtags others are using and use those hashtags in your tweets
  • Divide your content into different types such as a regular tweet image video infographic etc, posting the same thing can get boring fast
  • Reply to people commenting on your tweets whenever possible
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Well I have to be crazy !!!

Just kidding

But really wondering why people doing crazy stuff had a million of views !!!

Twitter is much safer place so u need first know your follower by posting random tweets and see the impression then choose which tweet gain more like or maybe more seen ( Most of the time people see a tweet and read it but too lazy to like it )

Now I find which articles attract your viewers and can focus on them

So if people find that this account is interesting for them u get your followers

So interested them is the key like tv series

Also u can promote yourself by commenting under other people tweet or using hash tag
I hope that was helpful

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Be as woke as you can be

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Start Beefs

Throw "real talk" shade & ratio people with memes

It depends on your product, but that's how you'll grow a following the fastest. People want to be entertained and sold. Demonstrating proof of ways to make money do well too

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Follow a bunch of people

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Any thoughts on who (as in what kind of accounts) to follow? I guess that would be very specific to your situation, but are there general things to aim for?

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Well.. that’s an extremely slow process with limitations by Twitter if you mass follow/unfollow

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It's not that slow. You can automate it so it runs in the background with Phantom Buster.

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I think it limits you to 400 a day.

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Great approach if you want to be exposed to whatever brainworms are going around

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Consistently post quality content

Quality > quantity

Follow relevant people

Use relevant hashtags

Reply to popular tweets with a relevant and interesting response.

Don’t be spammy

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I’m not sure mass following is the best, I began to start one for my GameDev centered account and when I was trying to build it I would follow a bunch of indie devs, comment, like interact with their tweets helps. I stopped the GameDev stuff but it was growing pretty well and I had followers engaging a lot on my stuff. I think that’s a better way to grow and actually get an interested following instead of just mass following

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I agree ! Putting out quality content + engaging with your community is the right way to build a following

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If you're not famous besides, tweet stuff people like reading or find interesting.

It seems obvious but that's really it and very few people do it. Following a bunch of people in hopes for follow backs means that 1. You don't bother reading their tweets and 2., They don't bother reading yours. What's the point? You're both just cluttering up your feed.

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Basic strategy that always works