How do you guys enjoy your accomplishments instead of constantly raising your expectations and then being dissatisfied again?

by CrustyTubeSock69420. Posted on Sep 15, 2020    1    6

Using a throwaway because I have a lot of friends who frequent this sub.

This post may be a little different than the normal ones you see on this sub.

I don’t want to say the line of business I’m in since it’s a fairly niche industry that would probably out me to other people on this sub who are in the industry. If you’re REALLY curious then PM me and I’ll tell you.

Not sure if this is just a rant or a plea for advice but I’ll just vent it in here and let you guys do with it what you will.

I started an online business about a year ago with the intention of having the freedom to work from wherever I wanted as long as I had a WiFi connection. I’ve accomplished that.

I wanted to make about $100 profit per day so it could be my sole source of income. I’ve accomplished that and significantly more. I’m now making more money than I was ever expecting.

But here’s the thing. I’m more anxious about my business than ever.

I’m in my mid 20’s with the hopes of having enough money invested by 30 that I’ll only need to work when I want to. Currently I’m on pace to accomplish this.

The problem is that every time I’ve reached my previous goals, I find myself immediately making the goals bigger and then become dissatisfied again even though I would have killed to have the same success in the past.

Now that I have this new goal set in my mind, I find myself constantly stressing about it and feel a huge sense of urgency like I need to accomplish this goal as quick as possible in case something goes wrong with the business or things go under.

So my question is to anyone who has had success come on quicker than you expected. How did you learn to enjoy the wins without constantly worrying that you were going to lose it or needed to do more?


thealphaomar 1

I feel like having mediocre goals that are attainable but aren’t very easy help best, because once you achieve them, you feel great. After that short dopamine stops flowing you just move on to the next milestone for your case it could be $250 profit a day

  CrustyTubeSock69420 2

Currently doing a few thousand in profit per day and I’m more stressed than ever haha

thealphaomar 2

I think you’d have to focus your energy into another field then, at one point this business was a core reason into your happiness and it possibly still is, but I fee if you found another area which you enjoy and tried to conquer that, you’d be much more satisfied.

  CrustyTubeSock69420 1

Good advice. I definitely need to not make work the main focus of my life. Thanks

Rossim0 4

I'm you in ten years. Started at 27, now 37 and this is my advice. Good business owners with a true passion can never be satisfied. And its not money driven, its about building. How big can it be? How large can you grow? In the beginning its insurmountable, then as you get used to success its an experiment. Truth is you get used to it. But the good ones never forget that they can lose it all at anytime. The good ones don't let it go to their head and thank God every day for the opportunity to have this kind of stress. You and I will most likely never stress about our mortgage, but we will stress about personel issues or marketing budgets. Use this power for good. Give back to your employees. Work hard to make your successes their successes. Also, if I could tell myself of 10 years ago this, slow the fuck down. Enjoy the ride, don't only consider the end goal. Be present in your life, your wife your kid. Make memories and remember THESE are the good old days! When your 70 and a millionaire having sold off businesses and enterprises, memories and the bonds you make during this time right now is all you'll have besides all the money. At 37 I realize I'll only be here for another 40 years if I'm lucky. Life is more than work goals. Life is about children, happiness, leaving something positive for the next generation and setting your family up for success whatever that means to you. Don't get caught up with ideas that if your not producing your a fucking loser, don't be so hard on yourself. Stay hungary because that's what separates you from everyone else. Put it all into perspective and enjoy the ride.

  CrustyTubeSock69420 1

That’s exactly what I needed to hear man.

I really appreciate the insights.

I need to stop focusing on the end goal. That’s definitely the issue. I have this idea of exactly how things are supposed to go and then get stressed when it doesn’t go exactly as planned.