How do you safely give credit card information to vendors?

by hangun_. Posted on Sep 12, 2020    2    3

How do you normally pay a vendor with a credit card? Prepaying an invoice? I'm curious about a general consensus.


chrisldavis 1

A few vendors have a web portal to enter credit card info, but the majority of my vendors take the card number over the phone.

I just would recommend NOT emailing the number.

SafetyMan35 1

If online ordering is allowed, we purchase and enter the information online.

Many vendors require a credit card authorization form to be completed in which case we complete the form with our CC number.

If allowed, we simply provide our number over the phone.

NoBulletsLeft 2

All my vendors have web front ends and accept credit cards. The ones that don't have shopping carts on their sites will take an order and send it to a fulfillment company that does.

I mean, the only people I deal with that don't take credit cards are the farmers I buy hay from!