How do you structure your day?

by Janel_a. Posted on Sep 12, 2020    0

Curious to get others' perspectives. Personally, I split my time up into 3 categories

Back-end - CRM upkeep, accounting

Project management - following up on quotes, developing quotes, ordering etc..

Marketing/sales - self explanatory

I always try to do my backend outside of 9-5: Early morning or in the evening.

I spend my mornings drafting and scheduling project management emails, then get to work on project management tasks.

In the afternoon, providing project management doesn't interrupt, I plan out social media posts, analyze online activity and schedule leads in e-mail sequences.


Lately my project management load has severely increased and I'm finding it difficult to maintain cognitive space for sales... wondering if its a matter of how I manage my day or if its simply a symptom of being busy with current projects/projects I'm fighting to close?