How do you structure/project manage your plans to bring your business to life?

by trickster1800. Posted on Sep 09, 2020    0    3

I'm looking for a way of structuring my ideas/plans for my business in a way that I can visualise what I need to do and when so I can actually make progress.

I'm finding I go from one area to another, ie designing, and then another day looking into logos, no real plan or structure so I feel like I'm not making real progress!

Evernote looks good, the idea of to-do lists and possibly structuring so each area is a mini project with a timescale for completion.

Any tips are welcome!


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This is solely what I work on in my day job and my own business. I recommend doing the following;

  1. Take advice from large businesses and set up a series of monthly and quarterly goals.
  2. Break these down into manageable pieces, and priorities them.
  3. You will find that your responsibilities are probably separated into these 4 areas;
    1. marketing and branding
    2. sales and revenue
    3. admin and financial
    4. legal (potentially)
  4. Set daily targets for sales/marketing activities, adjust your outreach based on feedback [or lack of]

    I used Asana for a bit, but am back to a wall full of post-its; there's something therapeutic about physically taking a task off of my wall when it's completed.

    If you're looking for specific advice, reach out here or via (same person will respond, me)
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Always start with the outcome and work backwards.

Rather than a particular tool it may be the approach you need to tweak. There's nothing wrong with focusing on different things at different times as long as it's all working towards a particular goal soonest. But appreciate without some structure it might be difficult. Can I suggest:

1) Identify your goal/outcome and plan backwards from there at a high level.

2) During this, identify the large workstreams and those workstreams that are dependent on each other and those that can progress in parallel

3) Depending on your level of knowledge and experience of each workstream, you can estimate the time it might take using either a top down estimating approach or a bottom-up approach.

4) Add some contingency and start. Revise your plan as you learn more.

The other way to look at it is in terms of product. If you can identify the minimum viable product (mvp) for your business and everything needed to support that, you can focus on that and go to market sooner. Then you let customer feedback guide your next steps and the next increment of the product. I would say do the above planning steps but only in the context of your mvp. That way you don't get caught up in planning over delivery and actually get something out there faster.

Hope that helps.

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Your ideas are right. You need to extend them more.

If you are starting alone, that's what it feels like.