How does one aquire raw materials/steps for doing so, so you're not using a base product already made by a large company? [Nail products]

by DumpsterPuff. Posted on Sep 10, 2020    1    2

I'm new here and hope this is allowed, I'm in need of some advice because Google hasn't been very helpful. I'm a licensed nail technician but I'm more of a "behind-the-scenes" kind of person, meaning I would rather sell products than do services (taking medication that makes my hands shaky so kinda hard to do nails until this is resolved).

I'm a creative person and I like to make unique acrylic powders and gel polish using glitters, pigments, etc.. They're a hit at my current job and my coworkers buy them from me.. I would love to make a small business, probably online, selling these things, but I'm not entirely sure how this would work legally. Meaning, right now I mix all of these random pigments and glitters into clear acrylic powders and gels that are made by other large companies, so I don't have my own chemical formula for these clear acrylic and gel bases that I need in order to not get sued by the companies I'm using right now as a base product.

I would assume that I would have to partner with a company that would make my own unique formula of clear bases, but I imagine that would be quite expensive. Has anyone here ever been in a similar situation as mine where the big part of your product was raw materials that are seemingly already patented by other companies? I'm just wondering how much of a realistic thing this might be for me someday and how much money I would need to invest to make my own products, especially like consulting with a nail chemist (yes they do exist). Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


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I was in the same boat not so long ago! It’s difficult, I’ve found especially with US manufacturers. I can’t speak to everything you’ll need but I know for me finding a good shipping/packing box supplier was extremely difficult so I built https://Quobiz as a side project. I’ve got every corrugated box manufacturer in the US listed, easy and quick to use. You can also search by location. Enjoy! Feedback is always welcome :)

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I would try to search for a skeleton formula for nail bases in some public domain cosmetic formulary. Once you know the standard chemicals you can begin to prototype.

Chemical manufacturers and distributors will be happy to sell you raw materials, but you might need to be a business entity (not sole prop) to do business with some of them.